Bixi in the air!

Hey EC TORONTO students! The summer is at our doorstep! What better way to begin your day than coming to your EC Toronto school every morning, hair floating in the fresh wind, proudly riding your Bixi? But what is this mysterious Bixi? Bixi is a very innovative company that launched its bicycle shar … Read more

Welcome the Giant Pandas!

Hey EC TORONTO students! What is black and white and loved all over, and a bit lazy? The giant panda of course! Whaaaaaaat? G-I-A-N-T  P-A-N-D-A-S! Wake up EC TORONTO Students! Er Shun and Da Mao, a lovely couple of Giant Pandas, coming all the way from China, have decided to visit Canada! And guess … Read more

A Student’s First Days at EC Toronto

  Camila is one of our Student Ambasadors here at EC Toronto and is one of the most confident and outgoing students I have met. When I spoke to her about her experience during her first few days as a new student at EC Toronto I was surprised. She talked about being nervous in a new city and about ma … Read more

Welcome back Renee!

Meet Renée Rochard, our new AY Coordinator! Today, it is a double comeback for Renée: she just landed in Canada 3 months ago and has returned to one of her first workplaces! Indeed, Renée had taught English at LSC Toronto (now EC Toronto) for a few years in her early career. Originally from Toronto, … Read more

SCENE 1, TAKE 2… ACTION! Or EC Toronto does Hollywood !

SCENE 1, TAKE 2… ACTION!  Or  EC Toronto does Hollywood !  At EC Toronto, we believe that students learn best by doing. Indeed the best way to improve skills and fluency is to practice English outside the classroom; that’s why students come to an English-speaking country to study English.  And … Read more

Restaurant Reviews from Brittany’s Survival English class

Brittany’s Elementary class at EC Toronto wrote  amazing reviews of restaurants near our school at Yonge and Eglinton, a great location in uptown Toronto, near the Eglinton subway station.  The name of the class is Survival English and it is an afternoon special topic class open to all Element … Read more