Happy Birthday Canada!

Hey EC Students! What will you do on your long week-end? Because it’s CANADA DAY! Canada Day is the national day of Canada. Frequently referred to as “Canada’s Birthday”, this day marks the joining of three colonies in a single country called Canada within the British Empire, composed of four provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec), by an enactment called The Canada Act (1867). But Canada Day is also a federal statutory holiday in Canada and always celebrated on July 1st. This year, Toronto is celebrating Canada’s 146th Birthday on Monday 1st July at Mel Lastman Square! In Toronto, there will be large parades in the city all-day long. The biggest celebrations will take place in Mel Lastman Square in North York. (5100 Yonge Street) from 5.00 PM to 10.30 PM. The City of Toronto hosts a free outdoor concert followed by fireworks which will illuminate the sky at 10:15 PM in the park! Here is the program of the celebrations: 5:00 – 8:00 pm                   Pop up music performances and kids crafts 5:00, 6:00 & 7:00 pm        Under the Big Top by Zero Gravity Circus 5:30 & 6:30 pm                  Lisa Odjig – Hoop Dancer 6:00 & 7:00 pm                  Northbuck Krumping 8:00 pm                                She King 9:15 pm                                Derek Miller Band 10:15 pm                              Fireworks Finale There is also the “Ribfest” which is scheduled during the weekend in Centennial Park. It is a huge festival with live music, rides, and carnival games and of course…a wide selection of ribs! So if you’re a BBQ lover and enjoy sharing a couple of beers, that’s the place to be in Toronto! Even better, retrieved funds are donated to charitable associations for ending child hunger in the world. Other events taking place in Toronto and what we recommend to our lovely EC students: The … Read more

Breaking news: You can now watch ECTV in the 4th floor lounge!

For two weeks, your EC Toronto staff have been working on this TV to provide you with all the information you need about our school. Takako, Andres, Billal and our teacher Mike You want to see someone from our staff but you do not know his/her name? Come on watch our Staff Presentation You want to take a trip but you don’t know where? Find out about all destinations our EC Activities Team proposes You want to know what the Academic Department does? Come to see Joe’s interview You want to have English Courses for adults in Toronto as an Academic Year Student? Do not miss Renee’s interview We also put on our ECTV a lot of news about events at EC Toronto: Maybe we you will see yourself there?

Ice Cream Day at EC Toronto!

Friday was the first day of summer, however a lot of students were freezing… Why? Because it was also Ice Cream Day for our school! Cones, bars, and sandwiches, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Lemon and Orange: We ate a lot of kinds and tastes of Ice Creams! It was a really good moment for our students: What’s better than share a freezing time with friends between two English courses for adults in Toronto? We don’t know, really! It was also occasion to meet and share between staff, teachers, students and our Center Director! EC Toronto is a really gourmet school!

English courses for adults in Toronto — Afternoon classes

Each morning, EC Toronto’s students come to learn English in a class functioning at their levels.  Next, depending on their programme, some students have afternoon classes at EC Toronto. But do you know exactly what our afternoon classes are? After the morning class, the C class (on Monday and Wednesday afternoon) and the D class, (on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon) serve to apply what you learned during the morning lesson in a more practical situation. Therefore, you can choose what you want to study and what you want to improve. We have classes which deal with a lot of different topics like music, film, business, culture, or others that you can find on this site: http://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/canada/learn-english-in-toronto/english-courses/general-english. Each lesson allows our dear students to improve their English in a relaxed class environment, and to know how to be able to apply new- found skills correctly in a daily situation.   Happy students learn better than the others, so come to practice your English in a great atmosphere with EC Toronto in our afternoon classes, part of our great English courses for adults in Toronto, at EC! Your EC Toronto team

Environment Day at EC Toronto

  The environment is very important for humankind. We should start caring about our environment more and start recycling. My main idea is that we should at least make an effort trying to recycle what we can. Recycling actually can help us reduce the amount new plastics factories make and new products since we are using our own. The more people recycle, the better we will enjoy our weather and roses. Here at EC Toronto, we recycle paper, plastic and glass bottles and Even if you have never recycled before, you should start today. We can help reduce the problem of global warming and help our environment to improve. Who doesn’t love green spaces, trees, and parks? So let’s make a contribution to our planet by recycling. Not only recycling is important, but also saving energy and water. Here at EC Toronto we do everything we can to be careful about how much water and energy we use – computers are turned off every night, lights are turned off in rooms that are not in use, and many more efforts. And what are your ideas? What are you doing to help the environment? Today at EC, where we have English courses for adults in Toronto, we are doing some special environmental projects today in our classes. Check our facebook page – EC TORONTO —  for photos of these excellent projects. And we want to hear from you, our followers, about other environmental initiatives we can try at EC Toronto! We look forward to seeing your ideas on our facebook page.  Your EC Toronto team

Baseball’s time

“Cover your bases”, ”home run”, “pitching”, “stolen base”…  Of course, we are not speaking about cooking, but about B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L!  From April to October, it is the baseball season; therefore, it is the perfect time to discover this typical American sport. By the way, do you know how the game works? Yes, No? Anyway, here it is a simple summary  just for you. One team is at bat, one team in the fields Each side gets to bat until three outs are reached, then the roles are reversed Each pair of batting opportunities is an inning and there are 9 innings in a game The team with the most points at the end of 9 innings wins the game Consequently, if you are here for the holidays, for visiting, or for English courses for adults in Toronto, you have to go in a Baseball match and to support our great Team, The Blue Jays. Find all theirs match on the official website, and come to support them in order to help them to move up the rankings. Want to know more about this sport? EC Toronto does the best for you and invites you for a Baseball lecture on Friday with our dear Teacher Aishe. See you on Friday!

10 reasons to choose EC Toronto!

Hey students! Today we asked you to know why you chose EC Toronto and we had a lot of different answers! We give you the top 10: Toronto is a huge multicultural and safe city Afternoon classes’ topics are interesting There are a lot of  organised activities We can learn “American” English I want to study in Canada Staff are really nice and take care when I need some information There are lots of sights and things to see around Toronto EC Toronto is in a great location, close to the subway, restaurants and shopping We can travel to Niagara Falls for a day and see one the wonders of the world! EC Toronto is a beautiful school with big bright classrooms and lounges And you, why did you chose EC Toronto?

What to do in Toronto this weekend

Hey EC students, did you know that Toronto is full of interesting things to do and see, especially in summer! This weekend we have: Toronto Korean Film Festival The second annual Toronto Korean Film Festival is happening over three days June 06  – 08, 2013, showcasing the best of cinema from North and South Korea at the University of Toronto’s Innis Town College. This year’s theme is “Ups and Downs of Korean Peninsula” and how that relates to contemporary Korean film. Woofstock: What is it? Woofstock is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of North America. Quirky and fun, Woofstock is a free admission non-stop party that takes place at our hip, newly expanded location, the historic St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood, home to the world-famous food market as well as the dog-friendly Sunday Antique Market. June 8 – 9, 10AM – 6PM So don’t worry about the weather, EC students, get out there and have fun!