Happy Birthday Canada!

Hey EC Students! What will you do on your long week-end? Because it’s CANADA DAY! Canada Day is the national day of Canada. Frequently referred to as “Canada’s Birthday”, this day marks the joining of three colonies in a single country called Canada within the British Empire, composed of four provin … Read more

Ice Cream Day at EC Toronto!

Friday was the first day of summer, however a lot of students were freezing… Why? Because it was also Ice Cream Day for our school! Cones, bars, and sandwiches, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Lemon and Orange: We ate a lot of kinds and tastes of Ice Creams! It was a really good moment for our students: … Read more

English courses for adults in Toronto — Afternoon classes

Each morning, EC Toronto’s students come to learn English in a class functioning at their levels.  Next, depending on their programme, some students have afternoon classes at EC Toronto. But do you know exactly what our afternoon classes are? After the morning class, the C class (on Monday and Wedne … Read more

Environment Day at EC Toronto

  The environment is very important for humankind. We should start caring about our environment more and start recycling. My main idea is that we should at least make an effort trying to recycle what we can. Recycling actually can help us reduce the amount new plastics factories make and new pr … Read more

Baseball’s time

“Cover your bases”, ”home run”, “pitching”, “stolen base”…  Of course, we are not speaking about cooking, but about B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L!  From April to October, it is the baseball season; therefore, it is the perfect time to discover this typical American sport. By the way, do you know how the game work … Read more

10 reasons to choose EC Toronto!

Hey students! Today we asked you to know why you chose EC Toronto and we had a lot of different answers! We give you the top 10: Toronto is a huge multicultural and safe city Afternoon classes’ topics are interesting There are a lot of  organised activities We can learn “American” English I want to … Read more

What to do in Toronto this weekend

Hey EC students, did you know that Toronto is full of interesting things to do and see, especially in summer! This weekend we have: Toronto Korean Film Festival The second annual Toronto Korean Film Festival is happening over three days June 06  – 08, 2013, showcasing the best of cinema from N … Read more