10 reasons to choose EC Toronto!


Hey students! Today we asked you to know why you chose EC Toronto and we had a lot of different answers! We give you the top 10:

  1. Toronto is a huge multicultural and safe city
  2. Afternoon classes’ topics are interesting
  3. There are a lot of  organised activities
  4. We can learn “American” English
  5. I want to study in Canada
  6. Staff are really nice and take care when I need some information
  7. There are lots of sights and things to see around Toronto
  8. EC Toronto is in a great location, close to the subway, restaurants and shopping
  9. We can travel to Niagara Falls for a day and see one the wonders of the world!
  10. EC Toronto is a beautiful school with big bright classrooms and lounges

And you, why did you chose EC Toronto?



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