Environment Day at EC Toronto

environment day


The environment is very important for humankind. We should start caring about our environment more and start recycling. My main idea is that we should at least make an effort trying to recycle what we can. Recycling actually can help us reduce the amount new plastics factories make and new products since we are using our own. The more people recycle, the better we will enjoy our weather and roses. Here at EC Toronto, we recycle paper, plastic and glass bottles and

Even if you have never recycled before, you should start today. We can help reduce the problem of global warming and help our environment to improve. Who doesn’t love green spaces, trees, and parks? So let’s make a contribution to our planet by recycling.

Not only recycling is important, but also saving energy and water. Here at EC Toronto we do everything we can to be careful about how much water and energy we use – computers are turned off every night, lights are turned off in rooms that are not in use, and many more efforts. And what are your ideas? What are you doing to help the environment? Today at EC, where we have English courses for adults in Toronto, we are doing some special environmental projects today in our classes. Check our facebook page – EC TORONTO —  for photos of these excellent projects.

And we want to hear from you, our followers, about other environmental initiatives we can try at EC Toronto! We look forward to seeing your ideas on our facebook page.

 Your EC Toronto team



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