EC Toronto introduces 2 new extra programs — and they’re free!

Every day, EC Toronto tries to find new ways to provide better and better study conditions for its students. That’s why we are glad to introduce two extra classes: the Conversation Club and the Homework Club:



The Conversation Club:  Sometimes, some students don’t feel confident and can have difficulty speaking English outside of their class.  With the Conversation Club, we offer our students the possibility to practice their English with a native speaker, and to apply what they learned in class in a friendly environment.  Indeed, the more you use English, the better your English speaking will be.

The Homework Club: This class allow our dear students to have help with their homework and to boost their progress. One of our teachers will offer homework help for students, correcting their mistakes and pointing students in the right direction. All these tips will be really useful in order to improve your English level quickly.

 These two extra classes are free for all EC Toronto students and will begin the week of July 8.

The Conversation club will be on Mondays at 3:45 and run for 50 minutes.

The Homework club will be on Wednesdays at 3:45 and run for 50 minutes as well.

Space is limited, so register quickly at the office!


Your EC Toronto Team



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