Ice Cream Day 2.0 at EC Toronto!

Today was ICE CREAM DAY at EC Toronto!!!! Outdoors the heat is still considerable, but if you browsed around EC Toronto this morning you must have felt a cooler breeze in the air.  And I can assure you that it wasn’t only because of the air conditioning!!! During the first break EC Toronto cel … Read more

“Buskers & the City” in Toronto

Fun and donations to charity: the perfect combination! Toronto is once again proud to host the Scotiabank BuskerFest (its 14th edition!) in support of Epilepsy Toronto. Performers from all around the world will take over the Downtown Yonge Neighbourhood from tonight … Read more

EC Toronto’s newest intern!

Here is the story of one of our students who studied at EC Toronto and now is doing an internship in EC Toronto’s offices. Hello everybody! My name is Valentina and I moved to Canada from Italy two months ago. In my home country I used to work as interior designer and things were going extremely wel … Read more

Hey EC Toronto students — it’s time to go to the EX!

CNE in 3Fs: Fair-Fun-Food! Toronto’s best summer event is yet to come! Anyone who has lived in Toronto during the summertime knows very well that it’s quite difficult to get bored in this city.EC Toronto students who are here NOW are definitely lucky: the event we are going to present here is actual … Read more

EC Toronto Cooks for UNICEF

WOW COOKBOOK – the ultimate international cookbook by EC Toronto students  Can learning English be helpful for someone other than you?  At EC Toronto this happened! EC is a melting pot of different cultures, and one of our classes (World of Words) did an interesting activity coordinated by their tea … Read more

TOEFL preparation Toronto

Here is a the story of one of our students who studied TOEFL preparation at EC Toronto. Hello! My name is Aida and I want to tell you my story. Taking the TOEFL test was one of the requirements for my Canadian university application. I needed to get a really high score, at least 95, so I was searchi … Read more

EC Toronto students love Canada!

 Our wonderful and helpful Student Ambassador Oleg reported on a survey done by EC Toronto students on the subject of  what they have learned about Canada! Canada links all of us. Studying English at EC Toronto is not only going to school and meeting new friends. It is experiencing real Canadian lif … Read more