free clinics for EC Toronto students

Hello EC Toronto students!   Did you know that EC Toronto English Language Center offers you additional free classes every week? Yes, you read correctly: there is at least one per week and they are FREE! EC Toronto really cares about your English improvement, and this is why every Wednesday our … Read more

Hallowe’en in Toronto

EC Toronto is gearing up for a frighteningly fun Hallowe’en day, and the City of Toronto is doing the same! If this is your first Halloween in Canada, don’t let yourself be caught unprepared. It’s going to be super! Just to name one option: have you heard about Toronto’s annual Zombie Walk? It … Read more

EC Toronto (former LSC) students get married!

Hi EC Toronto students, Today we have such a great story that we cannot help sharing it with you. We received the following message in the mail this morning, and all EC Toronto staff is truly touched and immensely glad to be somehow part of this event! Dear EC Toronto team, It has now been more than … Read more

Car Sketching Workshop at EC Toronto

Hello all! This week something great happened at EC Toronto.   Our very own Chul Kim, from Korea, is not only an amazing student: he is an awesome car designer as well, and he shared with EC Toronto his knowledge and ability for the second time! In fact, Chul held a workshop on April 25, when h … Read more

Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Toronto

Do you want to study English at EC Toronto and just not sure if the city itself is the right fit for you? Check out this video by for the Top 5 things you can do to discover this amazing city of Toronto. 5. Visit a Museum: The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Bata … Read more

English Only Policy at EC Toronto

EC Toronto students! Has it ever crossed your mind to give up doing something just for fear of making mistakes and being inappropriate? Persistence and practice are some of the secrets to achieving many things, including learning English. Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player e … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at EC Toronto!

At EC Toronto, our High Intermediate 3 class interviewed people in the streets of Toronto to find out what Thanksgiving means to them. Here is what Barbara and Melanie wrote: Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for? In Canada celebrating Thanksgiving is not only about good meals. People here take it … Read more

EC Toronto runs for the cure!

Hi all EC Toronto students!   Did any of you notice something strange happening on Sunday morning in downtown Toronto?   Actually we should say: SOMEBODY strange. In fact, fifteen thousand people (yes, 15.000!) invaded Toronto, running 5 kilometers around University Avenue and Queen’s Park for the C … Read more

Nuit Blanche comes to Toronto this Saturday night!

EC Toronto students — are you art lovers? Whether you are an art lover or not, you can’t miss the ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche this Saturday, October the 5th! More than 500 international and local artists will bring this 12-hour contemporary art event to large audiences. Nuit Blanche has its origin … Read more

Isabella’s story

Hi EC Toronto students! Mich’s Academic Techniques class recently produced journals and we want to share some of them with you. We hope you like them! Today we are posting Isabella Rojas’ testimonial about her personal experience with this BIG question. Isabella is from Colombia, she is eighteen yea … Read more