EC Toronto (former LSC) students get married!

1Hi EC Toronto students,

Today we have such a great story that we cannot help sharing it with you. We received the following message in the mail this morning, and all EC Toronto staff is truly touched and immensely glad to be somehow part of this event!

Dear EC Toronto team,

It has now been more than 5 years since Luana and I were in Toronto to study English. We both studied at your school during June 2008. That year was not only special to us due to the great experience we had in getting to know the country, its people and your language but also because we found our soulmate. We gladly remember 23 June when we cut class (which was by the way the only day we cut =) ) in order to go to the Niagara falls where we had our first kiss.

After Toronto we both went back to our home countries (Simon to Switzerland and Luana to Brazil) but kept a long distance relationship. Two times a year either Luana came to Switzerland or I went to Brazil. In 2011 we got engaged and on 16 November 2013 we will get married. Since the beginning of June this year we live together in Switzerland. Luana remembers her teacher Anthony saying LSC would also stand for “Love Studies of Canada”. Today we can say it is true…=)

Because you played an important role in our life we thought you should receive an invitation for our wedding in November. It will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thank you so much for being the start of our life together!


Simon & Luana





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