The TOEFL Class: a passport to the TOEFL exam

A current student in the TOEFL class at EC Toronto talks about preparing to take the TOEFL exam: At some point in our lives, our expectations are very high: to enter a study program of a well -known university or get a job in a new country, for instance. To get it, all of us have to face an unbearable stage: to demonstrate evidence of English skills at the appropriate level. Therefore, a wide range of tests have been created like Cambridge language exams, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. At that point, the important question is: how to prepare ourselves to write one of these, for instance, the TOEFL exam and to pass it? Do we need special preparation? For instance, do we need to spend days and hours in a TOEFL class before we book a test? On one hand, we feel that osmosis in an English environment allows us not only to be prepared for this test but also to enter in a proper way into a culture, a language, a way of life. For instance, we know that when we start to answer funnily to a question or to dream in English, a big leap forward is being done. This is probably the best evidence of English language that we will ever get in Toronto! So why should we need to attend a TOELF class? On the other hand, we fear that the test would be a demanding exercise. In addition, we know that some people are very successful in testing themselves whereas other people are genetically reluctant to write an exam and to pass it. Those last people definitely need a TOEFL class, like me. So let me tell you about my experience of attending a TOEFL class for 4 weeks. Firstly, I have realised, slowly by slowly, … Read more

The Christmas season is starting in Toronto!

Christmas Tree Lighting time in Toronto It’s now one month to Christmas, and Torontonians for sure don’t want to be unprepared for one of the sweetest nights of the year! And what about you, EC Toronto students? Come to join the official tree lighting event in David Pecaut Square on November the 22nd, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm! It’s a traditional free outdoor event where you will enjoy the music of the St. Michael’s Choir School and the students of University of Toronto (Faculty of Music). The CN Tower will be lit in red for this special occasion, and this is a unique chance  to enjoy Christmas music and warm yourself  up with delicious hot chocolate and cookies (compliments of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel). The 6,000 feet of LED lights and the Colorado Blue Spruce tree will be on display until late-January 2014.   Don’t forget to bundle up warmly and have fun, EC Toronto students! Send us your photos so we can post them on our Facebook page!          

Canada’s perpetual snow is a legend

For anyone who is thinking of coming to EC Toronto, we want you to know that Canada’s perpetual snow is a legend! Look at this smiling group of students: sunshine, no hats, no gloves. Can you believe that this photo was taken today, Tuesday November the 19th, in Toronto? You will have to, because it’s true!  EC Toronto’s lovely intern Yuka joined students enjoying the sun outdoors during the break today, and took this photo.     Don’t be afraid, EC Toronto students, and keep on discovering and exploring all the outdoor beauties that this great city has to offer! The first snow is not yet in the weather forecast, and we may not have any until January. Let’s just wait and see! Meanwhile, enjoy the sun, EC Toronto students!

Toronto’s Santa Claus parade

EC Toronto students,         If you are in Toronto this coming week-end, you cannot miss one of the largest and oldest outdoor celebrations in all Canada! The Santa Claus Parade has been a Toronto tradition since 1905, when the first edition took place from Union Station to the old Eaton store, on the site of the Eaton Centre. It started that year with Santa walking down the streets waving to children along the way, and it has evolved until now with an elaborate version of the original walk, where 25 different-themed floats, 22 bands, 100 clowns and more than 1.500 volunteers march along with Santa! The parade will begin at the Christie Pits Park (Christie subway station) at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 17th. It will pass by the ROM (Museum subway station) and the Eaton Centre and it will end at St. Lawrence Market (Union subway station). Do you know how many people are expected to line the parade route? Between 750,000 and 800,000! As EC staff always recommends you, you should try to use English as much as you can while living in Canada: this kind of event is perfect to meet new friends from all over the world, and practice what you have learned during the week at school while having fun! Just a couple of suggestions: make sure to bundle up warmly and bring with you a hot drink mug to stay warm! Enjoy it! Ho-ho-ho!   More information including a route map can be found at      

Meet Sejung at EC Toronto’s Front Desk

Hi everyone! I am a new student counsellor, Sejung.  I am so happy to join the great team at EC Toronto. So far I love this school’s environment, and my feeling is that everyone at EC Toronto really cares about offering to students a great life experience and English improvement.   Just to tell you a little about me, I immigrated from South Korea and have been in Toronto for almost 10 years now. I’ve worked at a broadcasting station as an editor and director. But I love to work in the educational business and luckily, I was able to change my career a few years ago.  I am a passionate  and outgoing person; I love what I do! If you need my help or want to tell me anything, please come to see me at EC Toronto’s front desk: I will be glad to help you! I am ready to learn and show my ability. I am looking forward to meeting you at EC Toronto!    

Do you know about the Day of the Dead? Read on!

Hello EC Toronto students! As most of you probably know, next Monday EC Toronto will be closed due to Remembrance Day. As ALL OF YOU know, Toronto never stops and this week-end offers hundreds of events to participate in! We found particularly interesting the Harbourfront Day of the Dead Festival, all weekend from Saturday November 9th  to Monday, November the 11th. Join this typical Mexican festival honouring the dead! This celebration is an ancient festivity with origins in pre-Hispanic Mexico. It is a warm social event with bright and colorful decorations, abundance of food, drinks, music and great company. Harbourfront Centre, the Mexican Consulate and the Mexican community in Toronto will celebrate this historic festivity with a weekend filled with music, folkloric dance, community-children’s crafts, artwork, cooking demonstrations and much more. Sounds good, doesn’t it?  See you there!  

Remembrance Day

You all must have seen many people around Toronto wearing poppies on their coats these past few weeks. Poppies? Yes, those red flowers with the black centres. The remembrance poppy has been used by groups of military veterans since 1920 to recall the soldiers who died in World War 1. Today, especially in the UK and Canada, small artificial poppies are put on people’s clothes on Remembrance Day / Armistice Day (November 11) and in the weeks before to commemorate their servicemen and women who have been killed since 1914. Remembrance Day is a public holiday observed in all Commonwealth countries to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty and those who continue to serve their country during times of war, conflict and peace. The City of Toronto is hosting ceremonies marking Remembrance Day at the Old City Hall and in each of the Civic Centres across Toronto: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough and York. Services will also be held at Fort York and Queens Park. Each of these will start at 11 AM. If you want to know more about it, you can visit the virtual exhibition of the Canadian War Museum. There, you will see pictures of Canadian troops in the trenches, artwork and recruiting posters, as well as maps and original letters from soldiers. ( EC Toronto’s staff and students are participating in this special occasion of Remembrance Day by buying and wearing poppies as a sign of respect, commemoration and support of Canada’s war veterans. If you still don’t have one, you can easily get it at Eglinton subway station, many shops or in all Metro stores! And don’t forget, EC Toronto is closed on Monday November 11!    

What’s on in Toronto this weekend? Read on!

EC Toronto students! Halloween is gone, but Toronto is ready to host great new events. If you still don’t have any plans, from November the 1st to November the 5th you can attend the International Diaspora Film Festival ( ). IDFF’s purpose is to provide to the audience a picture of the present world and society through the cinema and it shows themes such as migration, immigration and cultural diversity. This year the focus is on Latin America. And, since the chocolate coins in the jar at EC Toronto’s front desk disappeared at the speed of light last week, we guess that you all love chocolate! Then, you cannot miss Toronto’s Chocolate Show on Sunday: visit the many chocolate boutique booths, participate in free chocolate- making classes and do many other yummy activities! Check out all the information at Have a great week-end in Toronto, EC students!