EC Toronto says goodbye to Narumi

Today was a special but sad day at EC Toronto. Our student Narumi gave a presentation on the controversy around the legalization of marijuana. This informative lecture was well-attended, and was an opportunity for Narumi to show us how well she has improved her English since her start at EC Toronto almost 1 year ago! After her presentation, Narumi said goodbye to her classmates, teachers, and the office staff. Narumi told us she would recommend EC to anyone who wants to study English. She loved the teachers herebut the best part for her was the nationality mix. Narumi had studied at other schools where all the students were from Japan and Korea. At EC Toronto, she met students from all over the world, and learned about different countries and cultures. Narumi said her experience in Toronto was very very positive; she loved the Canadian people. She found them friendly and helpful, and especially enjoyed visiting the various ethnic areas of the city, with restaurants serving such a variety of  foods.  She even enjoyed travelling by TTC, where everyone was eating, drinking, talking on their phones; always so much happening! And sometimes the drivers laughed and joked with the passengers, or even wore crazy costumes! This all made it an unforgettable experience! Goodbye Narumi! Everyone at EC Toronto will miss your smiling face and bubbly laugh! === EC offers many different English Courses, including  IELTS in Toronto.

Prepare for your IELTS exam at EC Toronto

We recently received an email from our former student, Danyil Zaremba. He said: I studied at EC in July 2013. You helped me a lot to register for my IELTS exam and I’m still grateful to you. Thank you very much! I would be happy if you could thank Andrew, Dave and Emily from me. I will never forget their help and useful tips they gave me. They are so nice and kind people, I wish them all the best. I have passed my IELTS exam and the results were really unexpected for me. Happily, my university is satisfied with it and now i’m looking forward to going to study in the UK. Thanks to EC! Speaking 6.5 Writing 7.5 Listening 8 Reading 8.5Overall score 7.5 We are so happy that Danyil was satisfied with his results after studying at EC Toronto! If you want to improve your IELTS score, check out our preparation classes taught by experienced and qualified teachers at EC Toronto.  OUR IELTS TEACHER EMILY  

A former student came back after successfully learning English at EC Toronto

Carla, Gian and Stephanie (EC Toronto Accommodation Coordinator) Gian from Switzerland studied ESL at our school for 3 months in 2012. This week, he came back to visit his homestay family and his favourite school, EC Toronto. Carla, his homestay mom, said that at first, it was not so easy. Gian ate no fruit or vegetables, and drank Coca-Cola non-stop! But in time, they all learned to live together, and now, they have such fond memories that Carla was delighted to see Gian come back to see her! So remember, it takes time to adjust to new surroundings, but in the end, it is all worthwhile! Learning English in Toronto is fun and rewarding. Try it at EC Toronto!

Hello Shuhei!

My name is Shuhei from Tokyo, Japan. I am a student Counsellor at EC Toronto. The great thing about EC is that all the staffs and students are very passionate and friendly. This place is not only good for learning English, but also making good friends from all over the world. All the students are very hard-working students and not afraid to come to teachers and staffs to ask anytime they have questions. I always come to EC with big smile and excited to see the staffs and students. There is always great energy and vibe at EC. I challenge myself every day to provide better service that students really need. Also, I always think the different ways to approach and get close to students. In my experience, this is a big challenge for all the counsellors to open up the students’ hearts. However, at the end of the day, I feel that everyone from EC is like my second family. We support and help each other to build better environment for our students. == EC offers many different English Courses, including  IELTS in Toronto.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the people you love.  There are many origin stories about Valentines day, the most popular dates back to the Roman Empire. Emperor Claudius didn’t want men to marry during wartime because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret wedding ceremonies. For this, Valentine was jailed and then executed by order of the Emperor on Feb. 14. While in jail, he wrote a love note to the jailor’s daughter, signing it, “From your Valentine.” Valentines Day celebrations look different around the world. In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is called  “Friend’s Day.” It is a day to celebrate friends, not only your loved ones. EC Toronto is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a party!

EC Toronto Student Ambassadors

EC Toronto has a new student ambassador program led by our student services manager, Norm. This exciting program gives students who have been at EC Toronto for a couple months the chance to help out new students. The ambassadors help hand out graduation certificates,  help plan EC student activities and are answer any questions a new student may have. Not only is this a great way to make friends but the student ambassadors get to practice their English! Take a look at our Facebook page to see all the events the ambassadors are involved in! === EC offers many different English Courses, including  IELTS in Toronto.

Haikus at EC Toronto

Do you know what a haiku is? It’s a traditional form of Japanese poem, always 3 lines, with a rhythm of 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the last line. Sounds difficult to write? Actually, it was no problem for Derek’s Low Intermediate class at EC Toronto to write their own English haiku this week. And here are a few examples: *   *   * Really missing him And the way he looked at me By the Christmas tree. *   *   * Love is a feeling Invisible like spring mist But strong like iron. *   *   * I still remember That wonderful snowy night Always on my mind. *   *   * Well done everyone! Are you thinking it would be awesome to be able to write like that in English? You can come to study at EC Toronto and learn! We look forward to welcoming you any Monday!

EC student loved learning English in Toronto

This testimonial was written by Monique Libardi Lira, a student  in the IELTS preparation class at EC Toronto. My best holiday is happening right now.  I have spent incredible four weeks in Toronto.  I arrived at Pearson’s airport on December 27th and my departure will be on Sunday January 26th. Toronto is a busy, diverse and multicultural city.  I made a lot of friends from Japan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Taiwan, Chile, etc.  I loved school.  All the staff, teachers are so competent and attentive.  My homestay was next to Finch station and I loved to live there. It was amazing each day that I lived here.  I did a lot of tours.  For instance, I went to CN Tower, skated on Harbourfront Centre, visited the Royal Ontario Museum, watched a science documentary on Ontario Science museum, took a lot of pictures in Casa Loma.  Wonderful times!  I traveled to Niagara Falls, to ski, to New York. To sum up, those were moments that I will never forget.  However, many pictures taken,  my memory is breathtaking.  I hope soon be back and show this shining city to my family. Thank you Toronto.  I do appreciate my great time here.  Particularly, thanks to EC for improving my English! And thank you from everyone at EC, Monique, for your smiling face and words of encouragement to others who are considering studying English at EC Toronto!