EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Ahmed Ali Al-Qassab from Saudi Arabia. #ecexperience

First of all I really want to thank EC Toronto for everything, starting from the bottom with them and now we are here. First day at EC was really special for me and that gave me a good first impression. They were treating us very kindly and so nicely what wasn’t pretending… It lasted until today and I’m sure it will be forever. They feel responsible about the student like parenting them. They take care of them very carefully, which makes the student so comfortable inside and outside the school. I don’t really want to write too much, but about the teachers… It’s difficult to express my feelings about them. They don’t feel like they are higher educated than you or something like that, for instance, they don’t like anyone to call them ” teacher ” when they are asking a question. I know it’s just a small thing but it makes you feel good. EC is a really perfect school basically… Not only to learn English but more than that. I totally feel satisfied and more than that with the school. Couldn’t say anymore… But I have to confess something before I finish, “Being an Ambassador is an honor that will be always a special good memorable” And finally to make it shorter… “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”   Ahmed Ali Al-Qassab. Intensive English student. #ecexperience Learning English in Toronto is fun and rewarding. Try it at EC Toronto!

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Silvia Perez-zamacona from Spain #ecexperience

After 6 months in this beautiful country, I’m back in Spain. I have never had such a wonderful experience in my life. As a student I spent the whole time at EC Toronto. The first three months as a student and the last three months as an intern. I have no words, I have no complaints, everything went extremely good. When I arrived, my classes were focused in General English. It was good to have two different teachers because both were very different which makes their classes good too. That was one of the facts that I really liked because the classes weren’t similar. It is good to change the method, it makes you not  feel bored.   After four weeks I moved up and I changed to Toefl class. This class was totally different because it was focused just on the test. The preparation was really good. The teacher knows exactly what to teach and how to teach. Even though a preparation class is not a very talkative class, he made the classes very easy going. When I finished with my English classes I started my Co-op Programme in EC. My internship at the office was in the operations department. It could have never been better than it was. Sometimes I  worked inside the office, other times I helped at the front desk. I learned a lot of new things and I improved my English. For example, my listening now is much better than when I was a student at the school. Being around different people with different accents helps you a lot in that specific skill. I had a really great time with EC school. I have only good words to say, so if you are thinking of going abroad, check first Canada and then EC Toronto. You … Read more

Cherry blossom season!

High Park is Toronto’s largest public park. Centrally located on 399 acres of land in the heart of Toronto, High Park provides visitors with a unique and unusual sense of wilderness. Combining forested area, riparian zones including creeks and the largest pond in Toronto, as well as recreational facilities and well-mantained park land, High Park has something for everyone. Recognized as one of the most significant natural sites within the City of Toronto, the park contains an outstanding concentration of rare plant species. One of this species is the “cherry blossom tree” High Park is home of about 2050 cherry blossom trees, or sakura, donated from the Japanese ambassador to Canada and from individual families. These trees bloom in spring, and the beautiful blossoms are enjoyed by thousands of people every year. Many people ask about the best time to see the cherry trees in full bloom: your best bet is to pay a visit in late April or early May. Cherry blossoms last for about a week to a week and a half if the weather is nice, but if it rains while they are in bloom then the flower petals fall quicker and the blooming may be over in just a few short days. Some years – not too often – if the weather is unusually cold in April then the trees may not bloom at all, since Toronto’s climate is about as cold as the Sakura trees can tolerate. The next picture was taken the last week: Theoretically, the blooms might be better next weekend. However, according to the weather forecast, it will rain for most of this week, and so it is hard to tell how the trees will be. Make sure you do not miss this beautiful event. And don’t forget, EC offers General English and … Read more

Have you ever experienced a boat party in Toronto?

Last week, a big group of EC Toronto students lived a unique experience: A Boat Cruise Party. “I had a really good time! Despite the weather (an unusual temperature of 5C°), the party was awesome” says Mariana Costero, from Venezuela. Mariana was one of our EC student ambassadors. The activity is part of the Social Programming offered by EC Toronto, at a cost of $19 (taxes included). The event takes place on Lake Ontario and Toronto Harbour, which is a perfect opportunity to see the amazing and fantastic Toronto skyline as the sun sets, while enjoying the company of good friends. “The activity was a nice experience for me, it was very cool. It is a great chance to know new people in a relaxed environment. I would recommend going to the activity in late May or summer time, so you can better enjoy staying in the boat’s deck. The activity is very fun in group”, suggested Mariana, who is in one of EC CAE Cambridge Classes. April 30th. Boat party. Indoor lounge. Groups of all sizes are welcomed to join in, just go to the 4th floor and book in advance. Bring your camera and share with us your own #ecexperience. Study English in Toronto with EC English Language Centres!