Meet Domo… Our first Malian student!!

We have the pleasure to present our first Malian student, his name is Domo and he started his English courses in Toronto the last week.

“Hello I am a new student at EC. It was necessary for me to come here to take an English course in Toronto. I also wanted to come here to find out how well I would fit in a new school, a new country and a family. Despite my fears, I found myself very much at home.”

 Meet Domo... EC Tornoto's first Malian student!

“It is true as well that Toronto is a multicultural city, but at EC, we ignore cultural differences. At EC, we all have one name in common: “Student”. I am satisfied to be the first Malian registered at EC to learn English so please come and find out for you.”

Domo Emmanuel Dolo

Domo is taking a Full immersion English course in Toronto.