Learning English doesn’t have to be routine! Check out our December Student Activity Calendar

Let’s make your English Studies more interesting every day. Just imagine: exciting ice skating, breathtaking skiing, spectacular Canadian hockey, romantic Niagara Falls. Don’t miss your amazing winter experience!

Don’t like the cold? OK :-)) How’s about hilarious bowling with your classmates or thrilling basketball game? You will not freeze! Still is not for you? Like beer? Just try SteamWhistle Tour. Cheers!
And, of course, don’t forget about the Annual Christmas Party. Be respectful for Santa :-))

Any event is a good chance to find new friends from other countries, learn about different cultures, practice your English and overall create your amazing experience at your English language center in Toronto. Here is a calendar for December:


Feel free to get more information at EC Activities Desk.
See you on the tours and activities! :-)) Follow your #ecexperience