Differences between TOEFL and IELTS

There are some differences between TOEFL and IELTS, you will decide which test depending on your needs. These two tests are commonly used for examination of international university students. Here are 8 of the most clear differences. 1. Form of Speaking Test TOEFL speaking test is conducted by a com … Read more

Egg Hunt in Toronto!

Have you ever tried escape rooms? Breakout team Adventure’s real life escape room in Toronto is the largest in North America. In the escape room, you can enjoy different types of scenarios such as military story or mystery. Currently, there are two scenarios which is “The Liberty Squad&# … Read more

Practice Preposition!

Are you sure that your preposition is right? Let’s make sure that to solve these questions! George Washington was born 1.___ Virginia 2.___ 1732. He died 3.___ the age 4.___ 67, on the 14th 5.____December 1799. The capital 6.___ the United States and one federal state are named 7.___ George Wa … Read more

Carson Ellis Signing in-store

  Carson Ellis is an artist, from Vancouver. She is know to be the author of mainly child books and in several times her books have won prizes. Also she published New York Times best sellers. The TACF shop will welcome to her visit and hold an autograph session of her new picture book Home. Thi … Read more

Surfset in Toronto

Can you imagine surfing under the roof? Try a surfing workout in Toronto! SURFSET is new type of workout studio in the city, it uses surfing board during training and make our body resistant and fit. There are different classes of individual aims. For instance, “Blend” is the most popula … Read more

Never use “never”, always avoid “always”

English learners’ very common mistake is  using “always” and “never” often in essays even though they don’t really know that it exactly always or never happens. It might be understandable to use them while talking, but it’s not recommended to write these wor … Read more

Countable or Uncountable Nouns

     One of the most confusing grammar categories will be “countable” and “uncountable” nouns. English learners are used to some of them like “a peace of paper” or “a cup of coffee”, and some of you would memorize these nouns without any rules. There a … Read more

AGO -Art Gallery in Ontario

Have you already visited the Art Gallery in Ontario? AGO is the biggest museum in Canada, and there are always different kind of exhibitions internationally. You will find thousands of wonderful pictures, designs, and sculptures that makes difficult to choose just one to introduce, but now it is hel … Read more

March Equinox!

March 20th, is the vernal equinox day. Vernal means spring, and equinox means that the length of the day and the length of the night is almost the same. It also marks the beginning of spring, so many events or festivals are going to be held after the day. In fact, the average temperature becomes hig … Read more