EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Hiromu Shigeta

Hiromu Shigeta, from Japan, arrived at EC one month ago and will have been staying until April. Now he is in High-intermidiate class, this interview was going to be about EC and his life in Toronto.


-Why did you choose ESL in Toronto, EC?

  Actually I’d been torn between Vancouver and Toronto, at last I’ve chose Toronto because I didn’t like the rainy weather. I’ve knew that Toronto was very cold in winter, but also wanted to feel the cold. Now I experienced it more than enough in this February. The reason I decided EC was that my agency in Japan recommended EC. Some my friends say EC is better than other schools about teachers, atmosphere, and so on. Although I know only this school so I can’t compare them, teachers and classes are very good, also in my opinion.

-How is your homestay in Toronto?

It’s nice, especially I enjoy every delicious meal my host father makes. Also I have some roommates from different countries so we can talk in English all the time. Sometimes I hear some noises, but it’s basically very quiet.

-Do you have any experience you’ll never forget in Toronto?

I went to Blue mountain last week with my friends, and that was my first time to snowboard! Even though it was terribly difficult and almost impossible to keep standing, I totally enjoyed it. Instead, I got a big bruise on my hip. I’ll also never forget it.


-What do you like most about EC class and teachers?

My teacher in High-intermidiate class is very good, I never feel boring during because he is so unique. In my class, there are many different nationality’s classmates well-balanced so class itself is enjoyable. I want to improve my speaking particularly, and I can learn many expressions from every class. But I’ve just stayed for one month so I need more practice. Sometimes time-schedule seems not be perfect, but within an understandable purview.   Oh, the orange, probably a school color, is good for my eyes and feel reliable!


Yes, we can see orange color everywhere! Your clothes fits the color, isn’t it?

Thank you, Hiromu!