Union Pearson Express

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Are you wondering how to reach downtown from Pearson airport? It’s going to be easier soon because there will be a new transportation system in April called the Union Pearson Express.  This is a new route by train that will take you to the airport in a short time(25 minutes compared to 50 minutes by bus). For now, you will be surprised that there is nothing around the airport and it takes lots of time to get there, which makes you tired a lot, but it will not happen anymore from this spring.



I’ve already mentioned one advantage of this service, but there is another factor that makes it a better way to travel. This new train will have solutions to withstand a severe winter in Toronto. In fact, this was tested successfully in last February. Such concerns and public transportation are inseparable in Canada, so this news will be good for Torontonians and many foreign visitors. It is likely to reduce 1.2 million cars in highway in its first  year, which will be a new ecological way for commuters. The set prices for adults are $27 departing from union station(Prusto:$17), $22 from bloor-dundas station (Prusto:$15.20). There is other prices such as a  family discount, see the detail: HP

We offer a transfer service from airport to your homestay in Toronto, so actually you don’t have to worry about it. But this brand new express will definitely make you excited.