Curry Fest in Toronto!

This weekend is going to be busy for everyone, because it’s the first weekend in spring! You won’t wear winter coat anymore, and let’s experience the hot and spicy curry!


Curry fest will offer you various kinds of curry with some curry restaurants. We don’t really know about curry even though eat it often. For example, the taste of curry is different between each countries like India,  Thailand, Japan, and the African countries , which makes curry more interesting and complicated. Also, surprisingly, beer goes well the most with curry. If you haven’t tried those meals yet, this event would be a good chance to experience it. 

Date: 22th, March 11:30am-13:30pm, 13:30pm-15:30pm

Place: 461 King Street West(Map)

Price: $10 (Not including dishes)

Curry Fest

Learning cultural differences like this event is very important as learning English. If you live in a homestay in Toronto, it will be nice to ask them to make curry.