EC Toronto testimonial -Rodolphe Royon #ecexperience


Rodolphe Royon, from France, has studied in EC for six months from September. He’s started from Upper-intermidiate, and successfully finished in Proficiency class. Here is his interview will have some clues for you to improve English.

-Which experience you will never forget in EC?

I think it’s a cultural mixing. I’ve always met many people from various countries, although it was difficult for me to understand it.

-What did you like the most about EC teacher?

They always tried to answer me even if it’s during a class. They were strongly willing to show me new things and new vocabulary. Once we played a game about new words which are same pronunciation but it’s a different meaning and we tried to find another meaning. It was one of the fun memories in class.

-Can you describe EC’s life in one word?


-Would you recommend EC to your friends?

Yes, because this is very good school and also everybody is kind and friendly. Everything in EC is to improve your English, for example, academic courses will help you to enter a university. EC Toronto is a little far from Europe, but it’s filled with opportunities to learn new things.

Thank you, Rodolphe! His concentrated effort would have pushed his English skill. It is proved by the movement of levels. It’s your turn, let’s learn English in Toronto.