Never use “never”, always avoid “always”

English learners’ very common mistake is  using “always” and “never” often in essays even though they don’t really know that it exactly always or never happens. It might be understandable to use them while talking, but it’s not recommended to write these words down in your essays.

In other word, you don’t have to use them unless you are definitely sure about it. Therefore when you want to say “always”, it is better to use “usually”. For example, if you wrote “I always go to a school.”, you would be asked “Are you sure that you’ve never been absent?”. Instead, you can say “I usually go to school.” This sentence doesn’t lose any meaning and is safer than the last one. Thus foreign students tend to use strong or simple words, learning the difference between similar words correctly is significantly important.


This picture means using proper words in  each situation makes your essay close to what you want say exactly. It’s easy to say something using only basic words, but it will be more fun that you can express your opinion with a wide range of vocabulary. There is “always” new finding at EC, so let’s study English!

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