Practice Preposition!

Are you sure that your preposition is right?

Let’s make sure that to solve these questions!

  1. George Washington was born 1.___ Virginia 2.___ 1732.
  2. He died 3.___ the age 4.___ 67, on the 14th 5.____December 1799.
  3. The capital 6.___ the United States and one federal state are named 7.___ George Washington.

answers:1.IN  2.IN  3.AT  4.OF   5.OF  6.OF   7.AFTER

#1 is about place and it shows country. #2 is about time and especially year. #3 is about the certain time.  #4 is what does it belongs to as well as #5 and #6. #7 is a little tricky, but name after is a phrase of verb and it means to give someone the same name.

Thus prepositions questions are mixed basic rules with some irregular grammar or a phrase of verb. So if you are often confused about prepositions, you would need to make it clear what you tend to stumble.


If you are not good at common use of prepositions, it is recommended to practice repeatedly at these sites. explanation)


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