Curry Fest in Toronto!

This weekend is going to be busy for everyone, because it’s the first weekend in spring! You won’t wear winter coat anymore, and let’s experience the hot and spicy curry! Curry fest will offer you various kinds of curry with some curry restaurants. We don’t really know about … Read more

EC Toronto testimonial -Rodolphe Royon #ecexperience

Rodolphe Royon, from France, has studied in EC for six months from September. He’s started from Upper-intermidiate, and successfully finished in Proficiency class. Here is his interview will have some clues for you to improve English. -Which experience you will never forget in EC? I think it&# … Read more

Toronto Comicon!

Have you heard about this big and fun event in Toronto? The comic convention called Comicon will show you exciting exhibitions and a lot of popular artists. Your favorite superheros and characters are waiting for you! Don’t miss these amazing event. Day: Friday to Sunday Place: Metro Conventio … Read more

Union Pearson Express

Are you wondering how to reach downtown from Pearson airport? It’s going to be easier soon because there will be a new transportation system in April called the Union Pearson Express.  This is a new route by train that will take you to the airport in a short time(25 minutes compared to 50 minu … Read more

EC Toronto Testimonial: Miya Hayashi #ecexperience

Here is a testimonial from Miya Hayashi, from Japan. I have been studying in TOEIC class only for 2 weeks, but I had learned a lot of technics from my awesome teacher, Martin! Everyday he tried solving our problems. His explanation was definitely clear. I could have a confidence through practicing i … Read more

Do you know the difference of ‘affect’ and ‘effect’?

English, especially grammar is unbelievably confusing and it makes many English learners cry. Take an example affect and effect, which is the most terribly confusing words. Even if you know it already, you might think again before using those two. There is one very simple way to memorize it that the … Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day!

17th, March, tomorrow is Saint Patrick Day, which is the death date of Saint Patrick, instrumental patron of Ireland. These traditional and cultural festivals are held to commemorate Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. This day is also known as a feast day, which involves parad … Read more

Canadian Motorcycle Springshow

Today is Friday,13th, it’s the second time in 2015. Many motorcyclists avoid driving in the day, but usually the number of motorcyclists driving to the lake is expected to increase as the temperature goes up.  Forecasts said today the highest temperature was 6 degrees, which is not freezing or … Read more

Canada Blooms

Do you enjoy the recent warm weather? Walking and chatting people are seen on the road, you probably go for a walk or leave a heavy jacket. How about flowers? Have you already seen flowers in Canada?  Here is a good event for you who want to feel spring in advance. From 13th to  22nd , March, the fl … Read more