EC Toronto Testimonial – Nobuki Uenishi

Here is Nobuki Uenishi’s translated questionnaires about EC’s life. It seems to be obvious that he enjoyed it a lot reading these questions.  -Please write a few words about your experience at EC. activities… I went to the Niagara falls at the first day I arrived at Toronto using TNT tou … Read more

Go to trip!

These days it’s been raining off and on, it’s telling that spring is coming. It was hard to travel around the city, even just going out in wintertime, and now that we can go on a trip without any concern about the cold. At EC, there is TNT tour, a school trip agency, They provide many va … Read more

Enjoy life in Toronto

     You cannot get through a single day without an impact on the world around you. After getting used to English, you will need to decide what kind of difference in life you will make. Your life in Toronto, especially one week after, might be like routine days unless you find something new.     The … Read more

EC Toronto testimonial -Yuri Ogawa #ecexperience

Yuri Ogawa, from Japan, has studied at EC for about three months. Here is her testimonial of EC’s life. -Write a few things about your experience at EC. Classes… I have learnt all elements of English, listening, reading, writing, and speaking so that I could improve my skills efficiently … Read more

EC Toronto’s support facilities

Do you know about everything you can do at EC Toronto? There are several supports students can make use of. Now that’s a chance to join in them and get a good class. -Every day Free class There are several different kinds of free class every day from 2:15pm. For example, a homework club is tha … Read more

Baseball! Toronto Blue Jays

It has been sunny and warm recently, which is enough to bring out a slight sweat. Now that baseball games started, we should watch them at least once in your stay in Toronto. Toronto Blue Jays is only one professional baseball team in Canada, published in 1977, which is newer team compared to US tea … Read more

Difficulty of Second Language

This following link: Language Difficulty Ranking, shows the approximate time which you need to learn a specific language as a native English speaker. It is possible to say that an opposite case is almost the same like that it is very difficult for Arabs learn English, although they don’t say i … Read more

How to use new vocabulary

  After writing new vocabulary down in a class, do you use it in your life? One reason that it might be difficult to do this is probably that you don’t really know how to use it properly. Even if you took a memo about new words, it would be just a definition of the word. To use English mo … Read more

Let’s go to High Park

     As you all may know, seeing cherry blossoms in high park is one of the most popular things to do in spring. The beautiful trees, given by the Japanese ambassador in Canada, to the city in 2000, are attracting many visitors. But the time we can enjoy full of their beauty is quite short, so you n … Read more

Collocation Training

Do you know the word “collocation”? This word means a right connection between words. If you get used to basic English, a next issue would be these things. Examples: do homework  /  make  a mistake   /  take an exam It is not only the most frequent grammar in a conversation, but also mos … Read more