Practice pronunciation

Some of you might have confidence about speak naturally, there are many students talking without any stresses. However, are you sure about your pronunciation? Each country’s people has each different accent. There are some clues about improvement of pronunciation.


1. Listening is first step to pronounce perfectly

Not only reading articles, listening the sentences with audiobook is strongly recommended. Reading is the first work in English features but only one thing you need to do is just follow sentences. There is nothing to do with pronunciation, even listening the correct sound. So after reading them, listening it again is crucial to improve your English sound.

2. Use some sites and learn each sound

There is a good example of the site, provided by Iowa university, and here is the URL. In this site, you can learn how to make any sounds. More importantly, you can see inside your mouth with each sound not each word. It is necessary to know about that to pronounce every word.

3. Know correct sound of words

This site is also useful for study, you can learn pronunciation while seeing similar words. This is just one of examples, you may have your own favorite site to search the sound. So the most important point is to search whenever you meet a word you don’t know.

4. Keep studying

There are two turning points of increasing your English, when you start learning English and when you get used to English. At each timing, your English might rise up if you are aware of your pronunciation much more than if you are careless about the sound you talk. Especially when you get used to English and you don’t really feel stressful, you tend not to be careful enough about your sound. However, it is very important to practice correct sound each time because if you memorize or just guess the sound and repeat in a conversation, it would settle down as your wrong accents. To avoid that, learning continuously is indispensable to speak properly.

These sites and tips are only some of examples, but you will have perfect pronunciation and more confidence about talking if you care your sound! EC Toronto covers any kinds of works like speaking, pronunciation. See more detail about learning English in Toronto.