Difficulty of Second Language

Difficulty of learning a Second Language

This following link: Language Difficulty Ranking, shows the approximate time which you need to learn a specific language as a native English speaker. It is possible to say that an opposite case is almost the same like that it is very difficult for Arabs learn English, although they don’t say it clearly. At EC, there are many students from those countries ranked as the “hardest language” such as Arabic, Japanese, and Korean people, although they are doing well in listening, speaking and writing English classes. It is extremely difficult to reach a level that is as good as a native one.

This interesting site tells your current vocabulary level. Test Your Vocabulary looks a little hard to finish, but a accuracy of the test is certainly good.

For native speakers, the average is a level of around 25,000 words by this test in 25-year-old subjects. In contrast, English learner’s vocabulary is normally just within 8,000 words (this statistics didn’t check their age). The main range is around 5,000 word’s level, which is five times less than native speaker’s.

This difference is huge, and also not only about vocabulary, natives have much knowledge about grammar or idiom. When you read blogs, news, or essays written by native speakers, you might be disappointed at a gap between them and your writing skill.  It is, however, not only you. Indeed, you will get better day by day if you keep studying. At EC, there are a lot of your friends studying hard every day and they will encourage you to learn together.

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