EC Toronto’s support facilities

Do you know about everything you can do at EC Toronto? There are several supports students can make use of. Now that’s a chance to join in them and get a good class.

-Every day Free class

There are several different kinds of free class every day from 2:15pm. For example, a homework club is that your assignment will get edited by a teacher. Another class is called “Breaking news”. You will learn how to read various articles so that you can read them deeply.

-Library with teacher

You can study in a quiet room with a lot of books and a friendly teacher in charge of tutoring. The library is available from 11:50am to 12:30pm and 2:15pm to 3:50pm. Friday is only former time available.

-Coffee Chat

There is a talking class with a teacher and many students. This is a good opportunity to make new friends, especially it is hard to make a friend out of class, but  you will be able to talk with many new friends together in the class.

You can enjoy a life in Toronto with EC’s support. See more detail about learning English in Toronto.

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