The Benefits of Learning a New Language

  There are so many benefits of learning another language. New research has shown the incredible advantages of learning a new language. We’ve compiled a list of 7 benefits of learning a new language. Learning another language is good for your brain The language centres in your brain grow when you learn a new language Learning another language can help ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia Studies show that monolingual adults show signs of dementia earlier than multi-lingual adults. Learning a second language boosts your memory Studies show that bilinguals are better at remembering shopping lists, names, and directions Learning a second language makes you better at multi-tasking A study from the Pennsylvania State University showed that multi-lingual people were better at multi-tasking than mono-lingual people. Participants in the study used a driving simulator while doing separate tasks at the same time. The research showed that multi-linguals made fewer errors while driving. Learning a new language is great for travelling Think about all of the possible destinations you can visit if you can speak English. Getting comfortable with your speaking level will motivate you to get out there and practice your new language in a new country. Learning a new language will give you a huge advantage in the job market Adding fluency in a second language can really boost your C.V. and resume. Being able to converse in another language is a huge plus for employers. Learning a new language can help you Improve your first language It’s a fact that learning a new language can make you better at your first language.   Experience first-hand the amazing benefits of learning English and Study English in Canada at EC Toronto.

IceFest 2016 in Toronto

IceFest Toronto: Expressions of Love The cold weather arrived just in time! If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, check out IceFest. The annual festival features a display of majestic ice sculptures, an ice carving competition, shopping, and free samples. The festival takes place in Yorkville on Saturday February 20th and Sunday February 21st. In the wake of Valentine’s day (and inspired by heart month), this year’s them is Expressions of Love. There will be a showcase of 20, 000 lbs of sculpted ice on display. The fantastic display features an iconic LOVE sculpture, a giant tribute to world peace, an abstract couple embracing, a winter-themed heart, and a depiction of Romeo and Juliet. There will also be a live DJ at the event. This is an all ages, family friendly, free event. Check out these other special events at IceFest this weekend: Ice Carving Competition When: Saturday February 20, 2016 Where: Village of Yorkville Park (Bellair & Cumberland) Cast your vote for your favourite ice carving competition sculpture between 2pm and 5pm. The People’s choice sculpture will be announced at 5:15pm, at the DJ tent, on Cumberland Street. Ice Carving Demos When: Sunday February 21, 2016 Where: Village of Yorkville Park (Bellair Street & Cumberland Street) 12pm – 4pm Watch some of the most talented ice carvers in Toronto transform blocks of ice into sensational masterpieces. For more information, check out: IceFest Toronto: Expressions of Love Study English in Canada at EC Toronto.

Our Favourite Things To Do In Toronto (In Winter)

Are you visiting Toronto over the winter? From ice skating to live hockey games, there are so many fun things to do. Here’s a list of our top 5 favourite things to do in Toronto in the winter:   Skating: Toronto has 50 city-run outdoor rinks to choose from, including: Nathan Philips Square, Natrel Rink (Harbourfront Centre), and Evergreen Brick Works ice pad. (more information here) Winterlicious: For fabulous food at some of Toronto’s premiere restaurants (at discount prices), check out Winterlicious from January 29 to February 11. Prix-Fixe lunch and dinner menus start at just $18. For more information, visit this page. Live Hockey: There’s nothing like watching a live hockey game at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. Join in the excitement and cheer on our beloved home team! Tobogganing: If a major snow fall hits, you’ll be sure to want to try tobogganing. Visit one of our beautiful parks for some fun tobogganing times! Here are a few suggestions: Christie Pitts, Trinity Bellwoods, and High Park. See a Broadway Show: There are lots of amazing Broadway shows in Toronto. Check out this website for some shows that might interest you. Make sure to check out one or all of these activities to make the most of the Canadian winter season. Study English in Canada at EC Toronto.

AY Lecture on Traditional Winter Activities at EC Toronto

One of our teachers, Emily Parkinson, prepared a fantastic lecture and presentation on Traditional Canadian Winter Activities. Emily introduced us to Ice Fishing, Snowshoeing and, Dog Sledding. She explained the history of each activity, the necessary equipment, and provided information on how to do each activity.  Would you like to participate in one of these Traditional Canadian Winter Activities?  Here’s how: Ice Fishing 1) Purchase an Outdoors Card and an Ontario Fishing License – can be purchased at most Canadian Tire and Bass Pro stores (more information here) 2)Dress warmly 3)Choose a location 4)Set up your ice hut 5)Drill into the ice with your auger 6)Sit on your stool/chair (inside your ice hut) 7)Fish using your fishing rod 8)Put the fish you catch into your bucket Snowshoeing 1)Dress warmly 2)Fill your backpack with food and a hot drink (don’t forget your camera – you might see a moose!!!) 3)Choose a location 4)Put on your snowshoes 5)Start walking! 6)Use your trekking poles if you want to move quickly, and to keep your balance Dog Sledding 1)Dress warmly 2)Choose a location 3)Say “hello” to the sled dogs! 4)Watch the experts put the sled dogs in their harnesses and attach them to the sled 5)Sit in the sled 6)Go for a ride! Thanks for the information, Emily! Learn English in Canada