AY Lecture on Traditional Winter Activities at EC Toronto


One of our teachers, Emily Parkinson, prepared a fantastic lecture and presentation on Traditional Canadian Winter Activities. Emily introduced us to Ice Fishing, Snowshoeing and, Dog Sledding. She explained the history of each activity, the necessary equipment, and provided information on how to do each activity.  Would you like to participate in one of these Traditional Canadian Winter Activities?  Here’s how:

Ice Fishing

1) Purchase an Outdoors Card and an Ontario Fishing License – can be purchased at most Canadian Tire and Bass Pro stores (more information here)

2)Dress warmly

3)Choose a location

4)Set up your ice hut

5)Drill into the ice with your auger

6)Sit on your stool/chair (inside your ice hut)

7)Fish using your fishing rod

8)Put the fish you catch into your bucket


1)Dress warmly

2)Fill your backpack with food and a hot drink (don’t forget your camera – you might see a moose!!!)

3)Choose a location

4)Put on your snowshoes

5)Start walking!

6)Use your trekking poles if you want to move quickly, and to keep your balance

Dog Sledding

1)Dress warmly

2)Choose a location

3)Say “hello” to the sled dogs!

4)Watch the experts put the sled dogs in their harnesses and attach them to the sled

5)Sit in the sled

6)Go for a ride!

Thanks for the information, Emily!

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