Classically Canadian Slang Words


Slang words are an important part of English Vocabulary.  Slang is probably the hardest aspect of English language to learn because it varies so much from country to country.  If you’re visiting Toronto, you might hear a variety of slang words that you’re probably unfamiliar with.  We’ve compiled a list of slang words that  are essential to Canadian jargon.

1. Eh?: Add “eh” to the end of your sentence as a friendly “right?”.

2. Double-double: Coffee with two creams and two sugars.  The staff at Tim Hortons will know what this one means,

3. Pop: “Pop” refers to soda drinks, like coke and pepsi.

4. Loonie (Toonie): A one dollar coin.  The loon on the face of the coin led to it being called a loonie.  The Canadian two dollar coin is of course, called a toonie..

5. Queue: A line of people.

6. Poutine: A delicious Canadian dish, consisting with French fries, gravy, and curd cheese.

7. Washroom: Bathroom

8. Zed: The last letter of the alphabet (also known as “Zee”)

10. Toque: A knitted winter hat.

11. Van: Short for “Vancouver” (one of the most beautiful cities in Canada).

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