Halloween at EC Toronto

We celebrated Halloween a bit early at EC Toronto today.  Staff and students dressed up in fabulous costumes and ate lots of candies and treats to celebrate Halloween.  There was tough competition this year as many of our students and teachers were very creative with their Halloween costumes.  The audience and judges at our Halloween costume competition had the tough job of deciding who had the best costume.   Here are the winners of our student Halloween contest:   1. The Joker 2. A Blind Mouse 3. Up   Here are the winners of our teacher Halloween contest: 1. Bubbles (Patrick D.) 2. Galactic Princess (Emily) 3. Nick Furry (Derek)   Monday October 31st is Halloween.  Do you have a costume yet?  If not, perhaps you can get some inspiration from some of the fabulous costumes you saw today.  Regardless of what your costume, we hope you fill up on lots of candy and have lots of fun celebrating Halloween in Toronto.  There are lots of fun events happening in the city this weekend, including our own fabulous Halloween Party tonight (Friday October 28th) at Tequila Jacks.  Come by the TNT activities desk for tickets and more information. For Toronto Homestay English Courses check out EC Toronto.  

Blue Jays Trivia

If you follow baseball, you’ll know that the Toronto Blue Jays are on fire this season!  Torontonians are certainly very proud of our beloved Blue Jays.  You might notice people walking around with hats and jerseys to show their support of the team.  Here at EC Toronto, you might notice your teachers, staff, and fellow students showing their support for the Jays.  In honor of the Jays’ victory streak, we’ve included some trivia questions to see how much you know about baseball.  See how many of the questions below you can answer. 1. What is the oldest stadium in MLB? a. Wrigley Field b. Fenway Park c. Yankee Stadium d. Dodger Stadium   2. Who was the first President of the United States to watch a Major League baseball game from the dugout? a. Bill Clinton b. Ronald Reagan c. Richard Nixon d. John F. Kennedy   3. The Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series in both 1992 and 1993 a. True b. False   4. Which franchise become the New York Yankees? a. Baltimore Orioles b. Washington Senators c. Boston Braves d. Philadelphia Athletics   5. The legendary Babe Ruth played for which of the following teams: a. New York Yankees b. Boston Red Sox c. Atlanta Braves d. All of the above   6. Whose number was the first even retired by an MLB team? a. Babe Ruth b. Jackie Robinson c. Lou Gehrig d. Mickey Mantle   7. Which team has the most overall losses in MLB history? a. Baltimore Orioles b. Atlanta Braves c. Philadelphia Phillies d. New York Mets   8. Name the only player to hit a major league home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week. a. Rex Johnston b. Deion Sanders c. Chad Hutchinson d. Bo Jackson   9. Who … Read more

Thanksgiving Weekend in Toronto

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada.  Thanksgiving weekend involves enjoying a meal with friends and family and counting all of the things we’re thankful for.  If you’d like to enjoy some Thanksgiving favourites like, Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, check out some of these places:   Thanksgiving Harvest Brunch at Casa Loma Date: Sunday October 9th, 2016 The buffet brunch at Casa Loma is a bit on the pricey side ($60 per person), but includes a variety of traditional breakfast foods along with traditional thanksgiving dishes, like turkey, yams, soups, and salads. Thanksgiving at Black Creek Pioneer Village Date: Sunday October 9th, 2016 and Monday October 10th, 2016 Black Creek Pioneer Village is hosting an 1800s style Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner at their Halfway House restaurant on Sunday and Monday.  The three-course prix fixe menu costs $58.95 per person. Thanksgiving Buffet at the Old Mill Date: Sunday October 9th, 2016 and Monday October 10th, 2016 The Old Mill restaurant/hotel is hosting a traditional Thanksgiving brunch and dinner on both Sunday and Monday.  The buffet will feature a variety of traditional Thanksgiving dishes, as well as a selection of fish, cheeses, pasta, prime rib and freshly baked desserts.  Brunch is $39.95/person and Dinner is $42.95 per person. Barque Smokehouse Date: Monday October 10th, 2016 Toronto’s famous smokehouse is hosting an unlimited BBQ by the Pound Thanksgiving prix fixe fest, featuring smoked turkey breast with gravy, smoked brisket, ribs, and shrimp.  The feast takes place on Monday October 10th and costs $39/per person. Of course you can always whip up a delicious Thanksgiving feast yourself. Here are a few Thanksgiving recipe ideas to get you started. For ESL Courses in Toronto check out EC Toronto.