ROM Friday Night Live

FNL  at ROM is one of the best events in town because it not only provides the visit to the museum, but  drinks, tasty food and great music as well. Here we have some of the next events that are going to happen in May and June: May 19th: On this day, Victoria’s longest weekend is starting. What a better idea than going to a party with your friends! May 26th: Photography and friends. June 2nd: Dance among the fossils and have fun close to your favourite dinosaurs. June 9th: Explore the meaning of love through art, culture and nature. June 16th: An amazing exhibition (Art & Power) in honour of Aboriginal Heritage. June 23rd: Pride Toronto dance party at #FNLROM. June 30th: Celebrate Canada 150!     IELTS in Toronto

The Beach

Just 20 minutes east of downtown Toronto, you can find one of the best and most beautiful neighbourhoods in the city: The Beaches. In this charming neighbourhood with a vintage small-town vibe, you will always find something exciting to do: three beaches on Lake Ontario and many events going on throughout the year. Also, this is a very good place to take a stroll along Queen Street East, a really nice thoroughfare surrounded by colourful and quaint stores and restaurants. Not less important, Kew Gardens, the social centre of the neighbourhood, which hosts many annual festivals ans shows.     Definitely this the perfect place to walk around, shop and dine in.   IELTS in Toronto

Bubble Soccer

Toronto is giving you an opportunity you can’t reject. Bubble Soccer is the #1 entertainment sport in The Six. Bumping and laughter is what you can expect from this unusual, but fun experience. The rules are not very different from soccer game. Using an inflatable zorb like bubble, you can smash into other players and find yourself literally rolling away with the ball wrapped around you, bouncing around, laughing and making others laugh. You can play it anywhere on a smooth grassy surface or in some areas that are provided by the ‘’Bubble Soccer company’’. Remember: the more, the merrier.?     IELTS in Toronto  

Travel on a streetcar

  Toronto has different means of transportation: normal buses, subway and streetcars. All of them are useful to go to different places at any moment and almost any time. However, if you are new in the city and want to discover new places by your own, you should hop on one or more of our famous streetcars. Just pick one, and you will get to know spots you have never been in; without getting tired.  After that you can tell your friends about what you saw, and you can turn into a touristic guide for them. And maybe, who knows, for some Torontonians too.     IELTS in Toronto

Watch a game!!!

We love sports! From hockey to baseball, football, basketball or soccer; sports are very welcome in any venue or pub. Choose from the Rogers Centre or Air Canada Centre, where teams like The Toronto Blue Jays or The Toronto Maple Leafs make us feel proud of our city, and live it up together. The most favorable, is that you can learn new vocabulary and practice your skills by making conversation with some inhabitants, while you are watching and enjoying the game. Blend into Torontonians’ fan spirit   .   IELTS in Toronto

On those sunny and hot days

  Summer is coming and with it plenty of ideas, such as going to the beach for a sunbathing session and to have a nice time with your friends. Here we have a list of the best beaches you could go: Centre Island Beach: a beautiful view of the city and bike rentals, is what you can expect from this beach. Cherry beach: this is one of the most famous beaches in Toronto; with green areas, rocky shores and a pretty good spot to try water sports. Bluffer’s Beach: this sandy beach is right at the foot of the Scarborough Bluffs and offers amazing views. Sugar Beach: a popular and nice spot to soak up the sun. It is famous for its sugar and candy theme. Sunnyside Beach: this is a popular place for biking and rollerblading along the boardwalk, and for its greenery area. Woodbine Beaches: known for offering many beach games and a swimming pool at the beach. This is also the best spot for fireworks displays on holidays. IELTS in Toronto

Toronto’s multicultural flavor

Anything that comes to mind is available in Toronto. There are more than 9000 restaurants plus around 157 food trucks in the city, and each one offers different tastes (from all around the world to Canadian food) for different prices. The best part is that Toronto is always celebrating culture and food with its innumerable festivals through the year. Also, you should sample some Craft Beer; without this, your food tour of the city would not be complete. You need to try it all ?     IELTS in Toronto

Toronto Islands

Sometimes we need an escape from downtown’s hustle and bustle, and what a better idea than going to The Toronto Islands! This is an amazing place to have a relaxing and tranquil picnic with the best and most beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the city skyline. Also, with all the attractions and things you can do there, you will never get bored. We highly recommend this place to enjoy with all your friends; you will not only have a nice time, but your English skills will improve as well, and all these while you are having fun!     IELTS in Toronto


Go to a live concert   If you are going to stay here during the summer or even after, you are really lucky. Some of the most famous bands and singers are going to visit us during their tours, such as: The Chainsmokers – May 30th The Weeknd – May 26th and 27th John Legend – Jun 17th U2 – Jun 23rd Ed Sheeran – July 7th Coldplay – Aug 21th Lady Gaga – Sep 6th Don’t forget to check frequently because the price is not that expensive and sometimes the tickets are sold out in a matter of hours!   IELTS in Toronto


Today we have a good song to show you: Canadian, please. It is a viral tribute to our favorite country and tells everyone what we love about Canada.   CANADIAN, PLEASE Andrew Gunadie & Julia Bentley   Yeah, I know that you wanna be Canadian, please Even if things do tend to freeze We got the world monopoly on trees And our country’s bordered by three different seas   Yeah, I know that you wanna be Canadian, please We invented the zipper, we got expertise We made insulin to combat disease Yeah I know that you wanna be Candian, please   Brits have got the Monarchy The US has the money But I know that you wanna be Canadian The French have got the wine and cheese Koalas chill with the Aussies But I know that you wanna be Canadian   Yeah, I know that you wanna be Canadian, please Where else do you find Mounted Police? Or go to the hospital and not pay fees I know that you wanna be Canadian, please   And when freshwater’s in high demand We got the world’s largest supply on hand So, you know that we can make a pretty good friend But it’s even better if you can be Step 1: Lose the gun Step 2: Buy a canoe Step 3: Live multiculturally Step 4: You’re ready, there is no more   We got beavers, caribou, and moose We got buffalo, bears, and Canadian Goose And we’re sorry about Céline Dion But she did write that good song for James Cameron   Brits have got the Monarchy The US has the money But I know that you wanna be Canadian The French have got the wine and cheese Koalas chill with the Aussies   The Greeks all chilled with Socrates Can’t … Read more