From June 1st to July 28th, in the heart of the financial district you are going to have the pleasure to enjoy Toronto’s original outdoor food market.   The Market welcomes everyone to discover incredible food in a unique atmosphere.   Some of the participating restaurants are these ones: Cassia District 28 Chimney Stax La Fiesta Wahlburgers Kaboom Chicken TO’s Finest Dessert Bar     GO! It is just located on the second level terrace at Adelaide Place (150 York Street and accessible from Adelaide, York and University).   Follow the link if you are interested in taking Toefl Courses in Toronto


This summer is not going to be boring at all because you are going to find music all over the city.   Music in St. James Park (June 1 – August 31): amazing bands. Beaches International Jazz Festival (July 14-16): jazz, blues, hip-hop and reggae on stages, in parks and on the street. Indulge at David Pecaut Square (June 23-25): free concerts in front of the Roy Thompson Hall. Classic Disco (June 23): this will be a guaranteed dance party at Yonge- Dundas Square. Summer Music in the Garden (July 1st): Enjoy free classical music shows. Beats, Breaks and Culture (August 26): check the next wave of Canadian talent in hip-hop and dance music.   And guess what… all of them are for free!     Follow the link if you are interested in taking Toefl Courses in Toronto


Last weekend and yesterday was pretty hot in Toronto (it felt closer to 40 C). Thanks to this weather, some of the city’s public outdoor pools will open this Saturday, June 17th; and after June 24th they are going to be open all summer long. Here are some of the pools you can splash about: Alex Duff Memorial Pool Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pools Grandravine Community Recreation Centre Heron Park Community Centre McGregor Park Community Centre Oriole Community Centre Pine Point Park Outdoor Pool Riverdale Park East Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool     Follow the link if you are interested in taking Toefl Courses in Toronto


  Eh?: this word is used to indicate that you don’t understand something, can’t believe something is true or if you want the person to respond. A Loonie: a $1 Canadian coin. A Toonie: a $2 Canadian coin. Double-Double: refers to a coffee (often from Tim Hortons) with two creams and two sugars. Timmies: it refers to the much-loved fast-food coffee chain, Tim Horton’s. If you don’t know or love Timmies, you’re not a true Canadian. The 6ix: Toronto’s nickname. Two-Four: commonly used to refer to a case of 24 beers. Pop: Canuck: a slang term for Canadians. Klick: this term is used to refer to kilometres. What you sayin’?: similar to the phrase, ‘what are you up to?’. Queue: it refers to a line of people waiting for something.   Follow the link if you are interested in taking Toefl Courses in Toronto


  Summer is approaching and the city, which is already busy, is getting more and more excited. These are the most expected parties for this month. See you there!   When? June 4 What? Sunday Afternoon Social Dance for one last time in this ultra cool Adelaide loft space with the Box of Kitten DJs, Marko Olier, AlieninFlux and Boreal Canoe Trip. Where? Loft404 Inspired Gatherings   When? June 6 What? Mad Hot Ballet This is the National Ballet of Canada’s annual bash with hosts Frank Augustyn, Rex Harrington, Evelyn Hart, Karen Kain and Veronica Tennant. There’s an hour-long performance of short works followed by a cocktail party. Where? Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts   When? June 7 What? Rainbow Railroad Freedom Party The Freedom Party is a very fun fundraising event for Rainbow Railroad, which helps LGBT people who have faced violence or face an imminent threat of violence, imprisonment, or death in their home countries. Where? Storys Building   When? June 8 What? Manifesto House Party The Manifesto crew transforms the entire Drake Hotel into their home for the night. It’s free if you RSVP, and there will be DJs in the basement and on the rooftop patio. Where? The Drake Hotel   When? June 9 What? It’s Not U It’s Me It’s Not U It’s Me collaborates with Montreal’s Mutek Festival and have created the ultimate Toronto/MTL DJ and art lineup. When? 2nd Floor Events   When? June 14 What? Earth Ball The Earth Day Canada Gala is an chance for environmental, business, community and political leaders to come together and network with local food, drinks, live shows, and loot bags. Where? Mill St Brew Pub   When? June 16 What? Carl Cox Head to one of the most impressive party venues in Toronto and … Read more