Calling All Future Engineers – Canada needs YOU!

Are you a prospective engineering student? Do you dream of living and studying in one of the best student cities in the world? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, we at EC Toronto can provide you with a stepping stone towards achieving your ambitions through our Canadian University Pathways program! Wanted: A new generation of engineers From generating carbon-neutral power to developing new technologies that improve cancer treatments, engineers are key to solving some of the most urgent global issues, coming up with and creating complex and large-scale solutions all over the world. And now, Canada is facing a serious shortage of engineers in the next ten years or so – an estimated amount of 10,000 engineers is set to retire, leaving a considerable gap within the sector. With seniors currently outnumbering young people in the country, Canada is looking overseas to build the next generation of innovative and knowledgeable leaders for the nation’s engineering industry.   Why is Canada a great location to study engineering? Canadian universities are world-renowned for their excellent undergraduate and graduate programs, which consistently attract the crème de la crème of students all over the world and from every discipline – including engineering. As a global leader in education and training for engineers, Canada has a lot to offer: internship opportunities, career-boosting prospects (such as the chance to do research work with renowned companies) and a multi-cultural environment in which many often make useful connections with global experts in the field. Other advantages of studying and working as an engineer in Canada include: The quality of a Canadian education: Canadian university degrees are world-class qualifications, on par with those from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Attractive salaries: The average engineering salary in Canada is 75200 CAD, which can pay … Read more

Student Testimonials – Mar 06, 2020

Some of our students that left last week shared their testimonial with us about when they were having English courses in Toronto. “I choose this destination because this school offers a 30+ class. It helped me a lot to improve my English, especially because I was not confident, and now, thanks to EC Toronto, I’m ready to speak with everyone. I met a lot of friends from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and also a few French, just enough to meet them in Paris again. In general, the number of students was around 10 in my class. Sometimes less; teachers were great and lessons interesting. I’d recommend this school until B2 level for adults! It was a great experience!” Claire Jeandidier, France   “I learned so much word and tense. My favourite EC act was the ugly sweater party. The teachers were very interested and funny. I did not only learn English. I also learned many cultures and languages. Everyone is social and friendly. I had a lot of friends here. I think my English has improved. Accommodation was everything fine.” Safine Yilmaz, Turkish “In these months I learned more about English than in my 9 years studying in Brazil. Each class was amazing to me. All the employees are friendly and kind. Thank you so much EC for providing me this experience. I’ll try to return as soon as possible.” Alisson Lopes, Brazil “I choose Toronto because I search for a place where I really could improve my English skills. This experience was amazing, I’d like to stay here for many times. The school was a very interesting space to share our knowledge with the classmates from another countries. I loved the feedback time, we really effort to inderstand our mistakes. I’ll recommend EC to everyone ?” Fernanda Soares, … Read more

Hollywood North

Toronto has a big television and film production industry this is the reason that the city is called Hollywood North. Toronto is normally used to replace cities and areas including Chicago and New York. Some places around the city are popular for making famous movies and you have a chance to visit while you are studying English in Toronto. You can check them bellow: Lower Bay Station: It is located below the main platform for Bay Station. This station was used just for six months in 1966 as an experimental route. SUICIDE SQUAD Casa Loma: That is a Gothic Revival historic house museum constructed from 1911 to 1914 X-MEN UofT: is a public research university close to Queen’s Park. It was founded by royal charter in 1827 and today it is the biggest and best University in Canada. THE INCREDIBLE HULK The Distillery District: 19th century buildings that once housed a large whiskey distillery. Nowadays, draws crowds to its cobblestone streets lined with hip indie restaurants, bars and boutiques. Art lovers come for the galleries, outdoor sculptures and dance, music and stage performances at the area’s several theatres. In December, the annual Toronto Christmas Market takes over the streets. CHICAGO Yonge – Dundas Square: is a public square at the southeast corner of the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street East. The square has hosted many public events, performances and art displays, establishing itself as a prominent landmark in Toronto and one of the city’s prime tourist attractions. The square is continuously illuminated by large billboard screens and corporate logos, which has led to comparison of the square with Times Square in New York City. KICK-ASS  City Hall: is the seat of the municipal government of Toronto and one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks. RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE Hearn Generating Station: is a decommissioned electrical generating station. ROBOCOP You can also check all … Read more

Student Testimonials – Feb 28, 2020

Some of our students that left last week shared their testimonial with us about when they were having English courses in Toronto. “I stayed in Toronto almost 6 months and I can’t explain how amazing this experience had been. I improved my English and I met different people from different countries. I’m leaving with good memories that I won’t forget. Thank you!” Maeva Gaspar, France “First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in my journey here! It was an amazing experience! I had the besties teachers ever, they helped me so much to improve my English. I made a lot of friends too. Of course I’m going to tell everybody that EC is the best school to study in Toronto. THANK YOU!” Caroline Garcia Palacio, Brazil     “I choose Toronto because I always wanted to go to Canada. I improved my English a lot at EC, it was one of the best experiences I ever had. The school is really comfortable, and the teachers are very nice and friendly. I would recommend EC to all my friends; I loved the whole experience!” Anna Carolina Watzko de Britto, Brazil     “I liked to study in Toronto. All people are friendly. Teachers are friendly.  I improved my speaking and listening. On the class I had good experiences with speaking. My accommodation had friendly people and good food. THANKS EC TORONTO! IT WAS A NICE EXPERIENCE!” Kele Cristine Kehl, Brazil     “I choose this destination because Toronto is a beautiful city. In Toronto I learned so much in EC. My accommodation was at Ruth’s house. She was so nice and kind. I recommend EC for my friends because I really liked my experience at EC.” Kailani Kehl, Brazil     “I am sooooooo happy that … Read more