Be prepared for Christmas: Mix benefit of your English course with pleasure

Christmas is coming. It is a wonderful and amazing celebration. Christmas is always full of miracles, magic and charm. It is almost impossible to imagine someone who doesn’t like Christmas. Many people gather together with their family and friends and bring cute Christmas gifts for each other. They share their good wishes and have a lot of fun, delight and pleasure. It’s amazing! Isn’t it? Are you ready for Christmas? Would you like to feel the genuine Christmas spirit in the heart of Toronto, buy incredible gifts, spend a really good time with your friends and being a part of something fascinating? Have you ever seen Christmas tree? How’s about Santa?    Let’s go to Toronto Christmas Market in Distillery Historic District! This usually very wonderful place which is the home to many of Toronto’s hottest designer boutiques, unique cafes, artisan shops, breathtaking galleries, performance venues and award-winning restaurants. The Distillery completely changes during these days and becomes the heart of Christmas in Toronto. What is a Christmas Market? A Christmas Market is a street market which celebrates the traditional sights, sounds and scents and is staged during the weeks leading up to Christmas. These markets originated in Germany, beginning in the early 1400’s, and are now being held in countries all over the world.      Would like to know hours of operation and how you can get there? Here you go: Tuesday to Friday: 12 pm to 9 pm Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 9 pm From King or St. Andrew Subway Stations: take the eastbound 504 King streetcar to Parliament Street and proceed two blocks south to the Parliament entrance into the Distillery. From King Subway Station: Take the 172 Cherry bus and get off at one of three TTC stops on Mill Street to enter the Distillery. From … Read more

Korea Town

Hi everybody I hope you are enjoying our posts about Toronto’s neighbourhoods so far. Today we want to continue giving some more information and some more places to visit here in Toronto. Korea Town Korea Town is a relatively young neighbourhood located along Bloor Street between Christie and Bathurst Streets. Toronto has one of the largest single concentrations of Koreans living in Canada since the Canadian government adopted a more liberal immigration policy in 1967. Nowadays, although many Koreans work in the region, very few Koreans actually live in Korea Town, but the place is full of restaurants, bakeries, gifts, shops and grocery stores. Korea Town also has the best Karaoke in all of Toronto! Visit one of the karaoke bars and sing your favourite songs. It will be an experience you will never forget. Let’s visit Korea Town and be transported to Korea and learn more about other cultures in Toronto, the most multicultural city in Canada! source:

The Toronto Islands: A great place to unwind!

If you take a ferry from the Bay docks you need just 10 minutes to reach the small chain of islands in the Toronto Harbour. On the three major islands – Centre Island, Ward’s Island and Hanlon’s Point — you’ll leave the big city troubles behind you. Other islands you’ll find there are Middle Island, Algonquin (Sunfish Island) and Olympic.   You can enjoy a day on the Toronto Islands if you rent a bike, have an inline skating tour and finish the day with a picnic or barbeque. Maybe you want to have a delicious dinner with your family – then “The Rectory Café” is the right address for you. There you’ll find a friendly ambiance and good service.       During the currently colder days you can take a walk on the lovely boardwalks and breathe in some fresh air. During this season the leaves are changing their colours, so enjoy nature at its finest. If you had a hard week at work, just relax a little bit and enjoy a coffee. And in the summertime you can rent a paddle boat or do a bit of sunbathing on one of the beaches. If you are interested in the arts, there is a large community of all kinds of artists living on Wards’ Island. You can read a book by one of the Toronto Islands’ authors like Bill Freeman or Kathleen McDonnell, you can also go to see a theatre group like “ Jumblies Theatre”, or you admire the art work of Laurie Jones or Alastair Dickson. Not enough to do yet? Toronto Islands are also known for their yacht clubs and tennis and Frisbee golf courts.   Toronto Homestay English coursesWe think that it’s a wonderful idea to plan a trip to Toronto Islands soon! Your … Read more

Greektown – A Taste of European Flair in Toronto

At the moment if you were in Greektown, you might expect the temperature to be 18°C, the wind blowing at 14 km/h and humidity of 73%. This information is very interesting, right? But no, you’re not in Greece, you’re in Greektown Toronto. Do you want to know something about Greektown? – Then read this blog! Greektown, (you can call it Greektown on the Danforth or just The Danforth), is one of the most interesting districts here in Toronto. This clean and safe neighborhood offers everybody nice restaurants, cafes and retail stores. It’s the right place to enjoy a meal that features traditional Greek cuisine with the family, have a cocktail in a lounge or to go clubbing. Everything is very close together. You want to have a first contact with the Greek culture and tradition? – Then you should be on Danforth Avenue, between Chester Avenue and Dewhurst Boulevard! This district is known for its architecture, which was built in the early 1900s. The Greek-Canadians who live there mostly emigrated from Greece to Canada; these people are always friendly, have a very open mind and care about their community. Every year the local residents celebrate the “Taste of the Danforth”. During this festival, the whole district invites all interested people to enjoy the weekend-long street party in early August. Some artists entertain the people with live music and dance, and the children can do some interactive sports, for example, climbing on prepared walls and street basketball. It’s a wonderful event to have fun and enjoy with your family and friends. Take some Greek flair home! Your EC Team source:  

Ciao Italia! Do you know Little Italy?

Little Italy is a district in Toronto where mostly Italian Canadians but also Portuguese and Latin Americans live. You want to go to bars, restaurants and shops with an Italian flair? – It’s the right district for you to visit. You can search Little Italy on Google and then you can open sites where users talk about their experiences, what they’ve done and what they can recommend. Some people say that’s very nice to spend their vacation there because of the good hotels, friendly people and good meals. Everyone, it doesn’t matter how much money you want to spend, can have a amazing time there. Drinking an Italian espresso is one of the “must do’s” in Little Italy. College Street is the heart of this district. Cafes and shops with names like Cafe Diplomatico, Bitondos Pizza, Riviera Bakery and Sicilian Ice Cream maybe inspire your interest. When you’re hungry let me push this feeling with words like creamy lobster risotto, parma, delicious home-made ice cream and other Italian delicacies. Maybe you’re a nightlife person. Little Italy has many bars and clubs. Have a look at these locations and tell us about your experiences. We’ll be excited to know what you can recommend! The cafes and bars in Italian style invite everybody to sit down, relax and enjoy. The people who live there are spending their time and energy to making this district a better place every day. When you take a walk through the streets you’ll feel the friendly atmosphere. So the Italian heart beats also in Toronto. Try to go there, have fun and get to know another culture and history. Best regards, Your EC Team   source:


Hi everybody, In order to let you know more about Toronto and its cultures, today we are going to talk about one of the most famous areas of the city, which is Chinatown. 4. Chinatown Chinatown is a neighbourhood centred on Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue and it is one of the largest Chinatowns in North America as well as one of several major Chinese-Canadian communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Chinese people first arrived in Toronto during the 1870s with the migration of American Chinese from California due to racial conflicts in United States. The first Chinatown was located near of Elizabeth and Hagerman Street, but by the 1950s they moved to their present location in Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue. Sam Ching was the first Chinese man documented in the City’s registry, but by 1910 Toronto’s Chinese population had grown to over a thousand and they started to establish restaurants, grocery stores, and hand laundries for their neighborhood. Nowadays, Chinatown is one of the most important neighbourhoods in Toronto, with the second largest population living in Toronto after the South Asian people. Visit Chinatown and learn more about Chinese culture in Toronto! For more information: