Calling All Future Engineers – Canada needs YOU!

Are you a prospective engineering student? Do you dream of living and studying in one of the best student cities in the world? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, we at EC Toronto can provide you with a stepping stone towards achieving your ambitions through our Canadian University Pathways program! Wanted: A new generation of engineers From generating carbon-neutral power to developing new technologies that improve cancer treatments, engineers are key to solving some of the most urgent global issues, coming up with and creating complex and large-scale solutions all over the world. And now, Canada is facing a serious shortage of engineers in the next ten years or so – an estimated amount of 10,000 engineers is set to retire, leaving a considerable gap within the sector. With seniors currently outnumbering young people in the country, Canada is looking overseas to build the next generation of innovative and knowledgeable leaders for the nation’s engineering industry.   Why is Canada a great location to study engineering? Canadian universities are world-renowned for their excellent undergraduate and graduate programs, which consistently attract the crème de la crème of students all over the world and from every discipline – including engineering. As a global leader in education and training for engineers, Canada has a lot to offer: internship opportunities, career-boosting prospects (such as the chance to do research work with renowned companies) and a multi-cultural environment in which many often make useful connections with global experts in the field. Other advantages of studying and working as an engineer in Canada include: The quality of a Canadian education: Canadian university degrees are world-class qualifications, on par with those from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Attractive salaries: The average engineering salary in Canada is 75200 CAD, which can pay … Read more