Why is Augusto smiling?

Augusto is smiling because according to him, he’s in one of the best classes ever! Augusto began at EC Toronto on January 7th and has been taking TOEFL ever since, but unfortunately, his last day is Friday March 1st! He describes his experience in TOEFL as “exceeding his expectations”. “Even when I was confused about an answer to a question, my teacher, Andrew, knew exactly the way to get around that question and figure out the right answer. He always had a way and a strategy. I loved this class.” It doesn’t hurt that his teacher Andrew describes Augusto as the “ideal student”, because Augusto always had great energy and a positive attitude. I’m sure Augusto’s hard work will pay off once he takes that TOEFL test. From all of us at EC Toronto, we wish Augusto all the best in everything he does, and good luck on that TOEFL test, your travels, and your dreams. EC Toronto Staff

Photography at EC/LSC Toronto

This awesome photo of Toronto at night was taken by one of our many talented students, Alex. Alex and 20 other students participated in our free photography workshop where professional photographer Averill Lehan gave many tips on producing great results with a simple camera or cell phone. If any of our students are interested in starting a photography club, EC Toronto will provide the space and any help you may need to get organized. Just let us know at the office on the 4th floor!      

Student Testimony

Rodrigo’s Testimonial: “It is a pleasure and easy describing how much LSC and the time dedicated to improve my English when I decided to come to Toronto was extremely important in my life and career as a Chemical Engineer. The high quality of the LSC was instantly recognized by me, since the first time that I had my first real contact with school. During the 7 months that I attended LSC courses, I do not only learnt English, but also I really enjoyed and interacted with extraordinary teachers, efficient administrative staff, supervisors, directors. The LSC environment and atmosphere is completely pleasurable and comfortable, so when I realized I saw that I was surrounded by amazing people and excellent infrastructure and facilities, which I felt like if I were at my second home! Also, I was astounded and dazzled with City of Toronto.Toronto is the largest city in Canada, in which it is sophisticated, safe, and one of the most culturally diverse cities of the world. I could easily spend 30 minutes to talk about this fantastic and exuberant city. To sum up, I am very satisfied and grateful for everything that LSC and Canada provided me! I would definitely recommend LSC-Canada for anyone who wants to have great moments, and learn or enhance a second language.” “School and city are brilliant, passionate…Outstanding!”