EC Toronto – An official TOEFL Test Centre

‘Exam in Progress’ – You will see this sign every month at EC Toronto because our school is an official test centre for TOEFL exams. Last Friday we had our latest TOEFL test here at EC Toronto. Everything was well prepared for our test participants… But EC Toronto doesn’t just offer test dates for TOEFL exams. You can also take a TOEFL course at EC Toronto to reach your target score. Our amazing TOEFL teachers Andrew and Martin have been at EC Toronto for a long time – they are our TOEFL professionals. 🙂 So if you are not sure whether TOEFL is the right course for you then just take a trial class with Andrew and Martin. You will get to know their teaching methods and the content of the right TOEFL preparation for a successful exam result. EC Toronto was recently voted as the best English language school in Toronto in 2012 by one of our largest local agencies. Furthermore, our TOEFL programme was voted as the best TOEFL programme in the city in 2012 by TWO local agencies. We are proud to offer good educational quality to our students but we didn’t expect such success. Thank you for your confidence! Please keep this final phrase in your mind: A good TOEFL score open doors for universities and good jobs. Start your career by taking a TOEFL course at EC Toronto – your language school in Toronto! Our lovely student counsellors on the 4th floor and our Higher Score® Coordinator Sari are glad to help you with any issues related with TOEFL courses and exams. Register now! Your EC Toronto Team

EC Toronto Students Express Their Opinions about Guns in Schools

Peter’s High Intermediate class read an article about teachers in the US wanting to take guns to school as protection. After some discussion, they wrote their opinions. Here is what Miguel and Taiana wrote. Although Miguel and Taiana have already finished their studies at EC Toronto, their classmates are sending them a greeting – hello, Miguel and Taiana, we miss you! Dear Mr. Gerald Valentino, My name is Miguel Licona, I’m writing from Canada but I’m from Mexico. I read the article of ‘teachers sign up for guns training’ and according to the article, you claim that teachers should be able to bring guns to school. However, I totally disagree and I want to show you why. Firstly, teachers mustn’t bring a gun to the classroom to protect their students. We can’t combat violence with more violence. If teachers are allowed to bring and use guns in the classroom, the violence will increase and more tragedies will be happen. Secondly, protecting students is not teacher’s business. The teachers should teach the students, not kill them. It’s their business to teach students to be a good citizen. Finally, I think that you want to get more money using this tragedy as a good reason for buying guns. You are only interested in selling guns. Actually you don’t care about the children. To sum up, students shouldn’t be protected only by hope, but also dreams, peace, love. So that we could live in a better world. Sincerely, Miguel & Taiana