April Fool’s Day

  Next Sunday  is April Fool’s Day, traditionally known as All Fools’ Day.  It is one of the most light-hearted days of the year.   On April 1st, people play funny jokes and tricks on their family and friends.  The origin of April Fool’s Day is unknown. The most popular idea is that April Fool’s Day came … Read more

Earth Hour 2012

The World Wildlife Federation’s (WWF) annual Earth Hour presents a challenge to save energy that more and more British Columbians are finding fun and creative ways to take on. BC Hydro’s numbers show participation is increasing each year, with the megawatt hours conserved during last year’s one-hour event nearly doubling, from 64 in 2010 to … Read more

Say it quickly!

A tongue-twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly, and can be used as a type of spoken word game. Some tongue-twisters produce results which are humorous when they are mispronounced, while others simply rely on the confusion and mistakes of the speaker for their amusement value. Some examples: She … Read more

Business Myths and Facts – by Sarah Finlayson Spalinger

LSC/EC Vancouver offers many business classes. We have International Business English (IBE) during AB class, Business English (BEC), Business in Action, Power Presentations during C class and Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism during CD class. Many students shy away from taking these classes because of incorrect assumptions.  Here is a list of common myths … Read more

One CAN Make A Difference.

CANstruction Vancouver is an annual design and build competitions that takes place in over 180 cities world wide. Teams of architects, engineers, designers and schools get together to construct fantastic, giant sized sculptures made entirely out of canned food. After the structures are built and the winners declared the creations go on view to the … Read more

Cambridge course is starting today. Check out some tips from one of our teachers.

 Jim Moore has been helping students to prepare for their Cambridge exams at LSC/ EC Vancouver since 2006.   “In my experience, students sometimes enter exam preparation classes simply for the personal challenge involved, with the general goal of improving their English skills.  Such students say that they find motivation simply in the possibility of passing … Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a famous Irish holiday celebrated all over the world. In Canada, it is a public  holiday in the province of Newfoundland. In other places, such as Toronto and Montreal, large parades are held to celebrate the day.  People who have an Irish background or enjoy Irish culture may hold Irish-themed parties … Read more

A visit to Queen Elizabeth Park

This Thursday,  March 15th, we are planning a tour around  Queen Elizabeth Park,  one of the most beautiful gardens in Vancouver.   Queen Elizabeth Park is also the second most visited park in Vancouver and holds within its perimeters some of the most beautiful public gardens anywhere. Its recreational offerings are diverse ranging from sporty to horticultural and … Read more