Meet one of our students



Cristina Chmelirsh is a student from Germany enrolled at EC/LSC Vancouver
from October 2011 to April 2012.


1) Why did you choose Vancouver?

I chose Vancouver because some of my friends, who had already been here for a while,  recommended it to me. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

It is a city by the seaside and is surrounded by the mountains with breath-taking sunsets.

Vancouver offers a lot of possibilities to enjoy outdoor activities. It is possible to go swimming on its beaches in the summer and to go skiing in the wintertime.

 2) Tell us about your experience at EC Vancouver

I really enjoy my time at school. I wouldn’t call it exhausting. Even though the teachers have a heavy schedule, they are very keen and open to questions.

 3) Tell us about the friends you have made here.

I made friends from a lot of different nationalities here. It’s a fortunate circumstance that there are only a few Germans and respectively only a few German speaking students, so I am not tempted to speak my native language.

There’s a great opportunity at the school to network with interesting people from different cultures and different backgrounds.

There is one thing in particular which fascinates me here day after day: When you sit at a table with international students and everyone talks about their habits and traditions in their home country.

 4) Which activities have you participated in (Rockies, Whistler …)? Tell us about your favourite …

I have been to Seattle, Victoria, Whistler and on a trip to the Rocky Mountains.

My favourite one was the trip to the Rocky Mountains. Each day of that trip was a fantastic experience for me. We saw untouched nature like I had never seen before.

It is impossible for me to describe the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

 5) What would you say to an international student coming to Vancouver?

Try to use all opportunities offered to you and enjoy them as much as possible!