Business Myths and Facts – by Sarah Finlayson Spalinger

LSC/EC Vancouver offers many business classes. We have International Business English (IBE) during AB class, Business English (BEC), Business in Action, Power Presentations during C class and Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism during CD class. Many students shy away from taking these classes because of incorrect assumptions.

 Here is a list of common myths students have about these classes at LSC/EC Vancouver and the facts that disprove them.

 1. Myth:  Students need to be advanced English speakers to take business classes.

      Fact:   We provide business classes for almost all levels. We have four levels of IBE (pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced). BEC, Business in Action and Power Presentations are for students in lower-intermediate and above. Students must be in intermediate to take Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism.


2. Myth: You need to have work experience to take business classes. You need to be a university student in a business program.

     Fact:    Many students do have business experience. Many students study or have studied business at university.  Neither of these are requirements.


3. Myth: Students don’t learn any grammar in IBE and there is no speaking practice in business courses.

      Fact:  IBE is an English course with a business focus. Students practice the speaking, listening, reading and writing and also work on grammar and pronunciation.  Classes are full of speaking activities


 4. Myth: Business courses cost more.

     Fact:     Business courses cost the same as general English.


5.  Myth:  Students need to wear business clothes in business classes.

      Fact:    You can wear business clothes if you want, but this is not required.


6.   Myth:  Business courses are not useful for people who don’t want a career in business.

       Fact:    Students work on practical activities such as using the phone and writing emails. These skills that can be applied to everyday life. 


7.   Myth:   Your business teacher will teach you ‘How to Be a Business Man’.

       Fact:      Business courses are English courses. You will practice and improve your English but these classes are not the same as taking business classes for native speakers.


8.   Myth:    Business classes are not ‘fun’.

       Fact:       Business classes are interactive and communicative. Teachers do dynamic activities and students have the chance to work together. Students find these courses very enjoyable.