Student Testimony – Guilherme Nocera

  Guilherme Nocera is a student from Brazil and he has completed a 6-week English course at LSC/EC Vancouver. Why did you choose Vancouver to study English?  When I was finishing my Master’s Degree I had a friend and we decided to take a course together inCanada, because his brother had studied English at LSC Vancouver and he recommended it. How would you compare Vancouver with the other cities that you have been in Canada, such as Montreal and Toronto? In my opinionVancouver is the best. People there are very helpful. It is easier to take skytrain and buses inVancouver than other cities. Tell us about your homestay family… There were four people plus one student from Switzerlandin my homestay. It was perfect! When I arrived there, on February 25, they seemed very happy to have me as their family. We used to go to the gym twice a week together. While the parents exercised, their two sons and I practiced karate. It was like having a real family. What is the best thing about living in a homestay? Would you recommend this to other students that are planning to come to Canada? In a homestay, it is possible to improve listening more easily, so the homestay hosts work as a second teacher. Also the hosts know a lot about the city. They can tell us which buses to take and the places we should visit. It is very comfortable, and I recommend it. Tell us about your experience at LSC/ EC Vancouver My experience at LSC/ EC Vancouver was unbelievable. My English is much better than before and I made new friends from several parts of the world. The teachers also were very helpful, and the material was excellent.

GIVING SOMETHING BACK – EC Vancouver and YWCA – part 2

The second project that our EC team will be working  on is at the Munroe Transition House .   Munroe House is a transition house where women who have experienced abuse in an intimate relationship and their children can feel safe and protected.  The House helps women and children overcome the trauma of abuse by offering children emotional support and helping women rebuild their lives away from an abusive partner. We will be supporting the House by helping them with cleaning, gardening, and collecting donations.    EC Vancouver staff will be joining forces with the YWCA and we will have a great time and certainly an unforgettable experience. GO TEAM!


Tomorrow is the  Giving Something Back day. As we said before EC Vancouver staff will be participating in three different projects . Today, would like  to let you know more about our projects at YWCA. The first one is the Crabtree Early Learning and Care Centre which is a transitional housing for parents and pregnant women who are overcoming substance abuse issues. Pregnant women can stay until their baby is nine months old, and mothers trying to regain custody of their children can stay for up to 18 months. They also offer short-term care for children ages six weeks to six years in the Downtown Eastside allowing parents the opportunity to attend appointments, court appearances or have a much-needed mental health break from their children. Not only are the children cared for in a safe environment, but they learn valuable life skills such as problem solving, language and social aptitude. Our EC team will get together and put all energy into this project. We will be helping out with cleaning and gardening on site.  

GIVING SOMETHING BACK – EC Vancouver supports the Canadian Cancer Society

 On Saturday April 14th EC Vancouver staff will be participating in three different projects for the Giving Something Back event. Some of our employees chose to support the Canadian Cancer Society through their annual Daffodil Campaign and we would like to tell you a little bit more about this project. The use of daffodils for fundraising began in 1956 when volunteers handed out daffodils atTorontoarea restaurants as means to spread the message about cancer awareness. At first the daffodils were given to the patrons in order to get the word out about cancer but when some wanted to pay for the flowers or make a donation it was realized that the daffodils could be used as a fundraising tool for the organization. Since then the event has encouraged Canadians to take a moment to reflect upon the thousands of people who are living with cancer and to remember those who lost their fight. So on this important day we should do something special to contribute in some way to fight this disease and let those living with it know they are not alone.  EC Vancouver staff will be selling daffodils pins at the Vancouver Public Library from 10:00 pm to 2:00 pm, and the profits will be used to support people living with cancer, fund research to outsmart cancer and prevent cancer before it starts. If you want to get involved, you can come to our front counter on the second floor and talk to us. We have started selling daffodil pins and any contribution is truly welcomed.

Giving Something Back

                        On April 14 the EC teachers, staff, management and board will unite for Giving Back for Fred Day, an event that will be a great opportunity to help those in need in our communities.             The event was named after Fred Gonzalez, a former colleague at EC. Fred passed away tragically in 2009, but not after giving so much to this company.                 To remember his deeds, each one of our 15 schools has come up with a project that connects EC with the community. As well, it is a wonderful opportunity for co-workers to socialize.            Vancouver staff will be working for three different institutions: Munroe House transition home, Crabtree Child Care and the Canadian Cancer Society.             We really hope the spirit of this event has a positive effect on everyone, and that the day is remembered by all who participate in it.

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter in Canada is celebrated at the same time and in much the same way as it is in other Western countries, like the U.S.  In 2012, Good Friday falls on April 6, Easter Sunday is April 8, and Easter Monday is April 9.  Good Friday is a statutory holiday in Canada.  Most businesses are closed, including government offices, banks and schools.  Some exceptions may apply to restaurants or tourist attractions.  Easter Sunday is the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox, unless that coincides with the Jewish Feast of Passover, in which case it is moved to  the next Sunday. It can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25.  Canadians usually celebrate this day by attending church, getting together for a big family meal, and staging an Easter egg hunt.  

Yoga in the classroom – by Rayna

“EC student Helal Al Najrani does a yoga Wheel. This pose definitely wakes you up and increases energy levels!” It’s Monday morning.  We’ve had a great weekend with our friends in Vancouver, and now we’re feeling tired and just want to relax for the first hour of class, maybe put our heads down and just catch a few more zzzzzzzzs (“Please, teacher! Can we just sleep for a bit…?”). How can we increase our energy level and prepare for another day of learning?    How about a little yoga?   Yoga is well-known for the benefits it provides your physical body, but did you also know it helps improve your focus, concentration, and ability to remember new information?  Say hello to a great new learning tool!  Here are just a few reasons why yoga in the classroom is a great idea:  Improves our ability to focus We all feel a little foggy in the mornings, especially Mondays (and sometimes Fridays)!  Think of yoga as a healthy alternative to a giant cup of coffee from Starbucks.  It’s a natural way of energizing your body through movement that is connected with your mind.  By focusing on our bodies and our breathing, yoga practice helps clear our mind of ‘noisy thoughts’ – like what you did on the weekend – and become more present to what’s happening at this very moment. Increases self-confidence Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who arrive to class awake and excited to learn, but you’re a little shy when it comes to participating?  Fear no more!  Yoga practice is a wonderful link between your mind and your body: when you try a new pose you may feel a little nervous, but as you become more confident in your body’s ability to hold a yoga pose, and try new … Read more