Marina, our former Student Ambassador, sends you new tips!

Marina Dietrich, our former Student Ambassador from Switzerland, writes us again with a new tip about our fabulous city! If you consider having a haircut while you are here, please read the helpful hint Marina is sharing with us! Do you need a new haircut? You can get it from students to students for a very fair price! The Aveda Hair Institute is a hair school located in historic Gastown at 101-111 Water Street. Get a fabulous haircut for only $21 to $28. If you would like to colour your hair you’ll pay $33 and up, this is still a fair price. There is an opportunity to get your hair cut by the Academy students too, when you don’t trust the beginner students just yet. Then you’ll pay 40$ and up to 65$ for a hair cut from the educators. Let your hair be cut from students who work attentively under the close supervision of the highly-trained educators. You have come to expect quality with Aveda, and with these students you can expect nothing less. The Aveda Team is super friendly, you feel welcome and looked after. On top of it, you enjoy a relaxing and balancing neck and shoulder massage or rejuvenating treatment for your  working hands. Please check Aveda’s Institute webpage at: What are you waiting for!! Thanks again Marina and we all hope you are having a great time back home and in your new job! We miss you!

Laura De Caires – Our co-op student shares her experience with you!

My Co-Op experience in Vancouver was incredible!  I decided for the co-op program because I was no longer a student in Brazil and a work experience abroad would be very important to me and my professional future. I found out about the co-op program because I did a wide search, contacted different agencies and gathered the information I needed, before I decided to buy my package. My lucky star was shining and at the beginning of July I got my job at EC which was PERFECT!  I worked at the front desk and this gave me the chance to see things from a different perspective by helping students, now I was on the other side and I could relate to their questions and needs. The staff is awesome and I am proud that I had the opportunity to be part of the team! EC is also a world known company and this will help me to get a good job back in Brazil.  Definitely, the co-op program exceeded my expectations! I was able to practice and improve my English skills in a pleasant and fun environment. Because EC is an ESL school I was always surrounded by people who I could always learn from, like teachers, staff and even other students. I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of the new students coming from all over the world to “our” school! I strongly recommend the co-op program to anyone who wants to gain work experience abroad and get more confident in a different work environment with people from a different cultural background. I consider myself lucky, after all I’ve experienced in Vancouver, I couldn’t be any happier! At the same time, I feel very sad about leaving! My stay in Canada opened my mind and horizons and made … Read more

Student Testimonial – Elaine Araujo Oliveira

Vancouver! What a beautiful place to visit! Everything is clean and organized. There is art everywhere! And what about the security? I have no words to describe how safe and protected I felt in Vancouver. Now, talking about the school I chose, I would say that what most impressed me was the rule “Don’t speak another language. English only!” A lot of Brazilian students tried to speak Portuguese with me, but I only answered in English! LSC/EC Vancouver has good teachers. I liked the method and I liked the materials. The best thing about this kind of school program is making friends from many parts of the world. This is the best way to improve your English and learn about new cultures. Swiss, Mexicans, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italians, Germans and others, – I can talk to them all! It is perfect, because only one language – English – can make us understand everything around the world! Some people ask me about my Vancouver experience. They want to know if it’s worthwhile, if it’s expensive, if I liked it, if I would do it again and other questions. Of course I would do it again! For me, studying in Vancouver was the best investment in my life. It’s really worth it, but I have some advice for any student who wants to go to Vancouver: Prepare your pocket! You will want to buy almost everything you see there, not mention the wonderful sightseeing and cultural attractions that you can’t miss! And I would also advise new students to live in a homestay.  This is a unique experience in a person’s life. My hosts, for example, were lovely and friendly people. My homestay was always clean. My host mother cooks very well and every Saturday my host father made scrambled eggs and … Read more

Marina Gives you tips about Vancouver Public Library (VPL)

Marina Dietrich, our former Student Ambassador, is back home in Switzerland, but part of her heart is still in Vancouver. She wrote a blog to help you with tips of how to get books, magazines and any other material from Vancouver Public Library: Do you need more books to study English or want to read a book in English? Get a member card at the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) and borrow books for FREE!!! Vancouver’s main library is not only a beautiful building from the outside, it is also a great treasure of books!      The Library card is free for everyone who lives or owns property in the City of Vancouver. Students have to be in Vancouver for 4     months or longer to be able to get a library card. You can apply at any branch of the Vancouver Public library. You need to have some sort of ID with you when you apply: your passport, driver’s licence or a similar document and your current address in Vancouver. You can use your library card at any branch of the VPL. New library members may borrow a maximum of 10 items at a time during the first 4 months after getting a card. You can borrow a book for a maximum of 21 days. You are responsible for any material you borrow and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost or damaged. Your library card provides Internet access in the library and personal access to licensed databases from outside the library. Your card cannot be used by another person, group or institution to access licensed databases. These databases (or electronic resources) are restricted by license agreements to Vancouver Public Library card holders. If you lose your library card, report it immediately to any branch of VPL, the library will make … Read more

Dance Class

  This is our super energetic fun class with Adilson, a certified dance teacher from Brazil. His classes are a total workout! Sign up list is also at reception! Come and join us, we are sure you will feel totally energized after this amazing class!

Chit Chat

Our Chit Chat class is on this Friday, August 24 at 1:45 pm in room 203. This a free class where students get to practice their speaking skills in a relaxed and fun manner. Sign up list is also at reception! Come and join us! See you there!

Movie class

Good morning everyone, The movie class is on again this week, tomorrow, Wednesday August 22, at 3:30 pm in room 203. Aaron, our Assistant Director of Studies, will be showing an episode from the TV series “My Name is Earl” and will have a fun and lively discussion about it with you guys. Free popcorn as always! Please sign up at reception! Have fun!

Latin Summer Fest – August 19

The Latin Summer Fest is on this Sunday at Trout Lake Park.  This is a one-day outdoor event with demonstrations of Latin culture, art, food and music of all varieties. It is impossible to resist dancing in the “dance zone,” where skilled pros will help newbies learn the hottest steps. The Latin Summer Fest is from 11am to 7pm. Trout Lake Park is at Victoria Drive and 15th Ave and the event is free! Enjoy it!

Chariot Festival of India – Sunday Aug 19

The 37th annual edition of the Chariot Festival of India will be held this Sunday, August 19. Live music, dancing, yoga and a vegetarian feast are the main attractions. Don’t miss out on the parade, which starts at 11:30 a.m. and goes along Beach Avenue toward Stanley Park. The festival portion of the event starts at 1 p.m. on Second Beach. Two stages will showcase live South Asian music and theatre as well as classical Bhartnatyam dancers. Inside brightly colored tents, you can also find exhibits on culture and fashion, as well as a kids’ area with face painting, and henna tattoos.

Brazil Fest

On Saturday, August 18, Granville Street (between Robson and Dunsmuir) will shake it! The Brazil Fest is coming to town and it may attract over 17,000 people. The festival will showcase the best Brazil has to offer in music, dance, food and film. This is a great event and an opportunity to keep the summer alive for all Brazilians and lovers of  Brazilian culture.