Go to the movies on Tuesdays – Marina Dietrich, our former student, recommends!!!

Many of you have not met Marina, she was our student from April till August 2012. She was a fun and dedicated student, we loved having her around. She was also our Student Ambassador for a few weeks and she really tried her best to give ideas and tips to our students.

Please check another suggestion from Marina on how to improve your English! Studying English in Vancouver or anywhere else in the world is much more than just attending your classes!!

“Hey, Tuesday is cinema day. The best way to learn English is to listen to the language as often as possible. So, go to the movie theatre and watch the newest movies in the cinema. You’ll be surprised how much you already understand. 

Check the full cinema program and times on: www.cinemaclock.com. The nearest theatres in Downtown Vancouver are: Scotiabank Theatre at 900 Burrard Street, International Village, 88 West Pender and Granville 7, 855 Granville Street.

On Tuesdays you pay only $ 7.99!!!  This is cheaper than anywhere else!!! So ask you friends and visit the movie theatre on Tuesday. This is a nice thing to do especially on a rainy day!”

Thanks Marina! We miss you!!