Trick or treat!

To celebrate Halloween, the Activities Team will be giving out free candies at school tomorrow. You can find them everywhere and don’t forget to say “trick or treat” to get special prizes!  


Every year, millions of men around the world grow their moustaches for the entire month of November to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. This year, here at EC we are having a Movember fundraiser contest! RULES: Any man who wants to participate must register for Movember at the front des … Read more

Student Testimonial – Ravi Soares

  When I arrived here in Vancouver, I couldn’t speak English. It was very hard for me to come up with even the simplest phrase.  In my homestay, I used to ask the name of everything: fruit, vegetables, and utensils. I was like a curious child learning how to speak. Before I came here, I thought … Read more

Litterbug – teacher Marc’s band – is playing tomorrow!

Litterbug is playing at Café Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive – close to Commercial/ Broadway skytrain). See our teacher Marc play and sing with his band songs about Vampires, the Incredible Hulk and the year 1972. Only $5!  Good food at this place. Come and have fun!

Writers Festival

The Vancouver Writers Festival takes place in Granville Island for panels, discussions, interviews, and even musical collaborations. The 25th edition of the festival will host 77 different events with Canadian and international authors. Tickets are available online and in person. The festival starts … Read more

Eco Fashion Week

If you like fashion but also believe that your clothes should be manufactured sustainably you should visit the ECO Fashion Week. This event was created to inform and inspire the fashion-conscious and the sustainable-minded alike, in a way that harmonizes beauty and the environment. So if you ever wo … Read more

Movie class

Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm, we have another hilarious sitcom to show you! This time is ‘Extras’: Andy Millman was born to be a star. Unfortunately no-one else seems to have noticed. Even his agent isn’t convinced. After ignoring the old cliché ‘don’t give up the day … Read more