A new face at EC Vancouver – Please welcome Craig Vandermeer!

It’s been 2.5 weeks since I’ve joined the EC language school in Vancouver, BC and with all the support from the team I am quickly getting used to it. Over the past several years I’ve had quite an adventure filled journey. This time five years ago I was living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where I was on exchange during my third year of my undergrad degree. Four years ago I was living in a mud hut in rural Zambia. Three years ago I packed my bags and moved to Vancouver. Two years ago I was finishing my master’s degree in International Studies at Simon Fraser University; and last year, I was living in Mbarara, Uganda overseeing Schools Building Schools’ first overseas build project. Suffice to say, the last five years have certainly been busy. A bit about me… I grew up in a very small town south of Ottawa, Ontario. Growing up in a small town in Canada there are a few things you pretty much have to embrace; the first is fortunately ice hockey, I say fortunate because I played for 15 years and now watch the sport religiously. The second thing you have to embrace is snow…a lot of snow…really so much snow you don’t really know what to do with it, fortunately a lot of snow resulted in many days off from school and some awesome snow forts. Lastly, and although this is perhaps more relevant to those living in Eastern-Ontario and Western Quebec, you pretty much have to love maple syrup, which of course I do. In 2005 I enrolled at Carleton University where I studied political science. I thought I wanted to get into politics so in my fourth year I landed a job working with a Member of Parliament who had an avid focus … Read more