Winner of EC Vancouver’s Video Competion for April 2013 – Viviana Dias Granados

Snapshot 1 (01-05-2013 10-26 AM)Last month we held our first ever video competition with contestants choosing between the two themes for April – April Fool’s Day or My International Friends.

Viviana Dias Granados and Isabella Imbrunnone entered the competition, and both chose the theme of My International Friends. It was a very close run with a final count of 304 “likes” for Viviana’s video and 213 “likes” for Isabella’s video.

Congratulations Viviana! Great job to both of you for your wonderful videos and for embracing the theme My International Friends so beautifully!

Viviana described her experience making her video:
“I really enjoy making this video because it is a compilation of some of the greatest moments that me and my friends have had here in Vancouver.”
“I chose to make a video about international friendship because I think it represents a very significan part of the experience of learning English abroad.”

Snapshot 1 (01-05-2013 9-09 AM)

To watch Viviana’s video:!/photo.php?v=608895702472804&set=vb.300782376617473&type=3&theater

To watch Isabella’s video:!/photo.php?v=608898769139164&set=vb.300782376617473&type=3&theater

We would like to encourage students to register for May’s video competition. The theme for May is A Birthday wish to the Queen or What to pack for your stay in Vancouver. We encourage creativity and originality – for more information please come to the front desk.