Student Ambassador Profile: Minji Cha


Tell us something about you:

I’m from Korea and I have been staying in EC Vancouver since March. I’m easygoing and active so I’d like to experience new things in Van. Now I’m in the Cambridge class and I’m enjoying every day here.

Why you choose to be a SA?

As I mentioned, I’ve been staying here quite a long time so I’d like to help students with their questions and have a great time getting to know them.

What is your job as student ambassador?

I usually try to give opinions on organizing some programmes, and help other SAs if there is something I can do. I’m happy to share my experiences with new students and give some information about Vancouver.

In your opinion, what is the best activity so far? Why?

I believe “weekly put night” has been a good opportunity to meet and get on well with new friends from EC.