Student Ambassador Profile: Guillaume Mellina



Tell us something about you:

I’m from the French part of Switzerland. I’m 19 and I love all kinds of sports but especially volleyball! I listen to a lot of music.

Why did you choose to be a SA?

Because I like to be active for the school I go! In addition, I like to have responsibility and to create animations for the other students.

What is your job as student ambassador?

Firstly, we are a link between the students and the administration (staff) in EC Vancouver. After that, we try to create events or different activities for the students! And also patrol during the break to catch students who aren’t speaking in English.

In your opinion, what is the best activity so far? Why?

I think it was our “Explore Vancouver” event to Lynn Canyon. It was our second big event and we had an amazing success! So it was very enjoyable to see that our job was useful!