“The History of Pumpkin Carving”

Yesterday our students at EC Vancouver carved pumpkins, a common tradition in Canada, but how much do we really know the history of pumpkin carving? The Irish mythos of pumpkin carving is about a man named ‘Stingy Jack’. Jack was famous for playing tricks on everyone. The story has it that when Jack died, he was refused entry to heaven and hell. The devil decided he would have nothing to do with him after all the tricks he played. Jack was forced to roam the world as a ghostly figure, holding a lantern made out of a carved turnip with a burning coal and so, the tradition of the jack o’ lantern was born. As you can see the tradition of carving pumpkins did not originate with the pumpkin. The first vegetables that have been carved were turnips, beets, and potatoes. When the pumpkin was discovered, people quickly found pumpkins better suited for carving. Today, pumpkin carving is a big part of the Halloween tradition in North America, Ireland, England and some places in Europe. -Chiara Schnoz, EC Vancouver Intern”

Colourful autumn

Who doesn’t like the autumn in Canada? Okay, well maybe some people who haven’t experienced chilly weather before. But even for the skeptics (you know who you are) there is so much to be said in favour of the fall. Just consider the full moon peeking through the foggy night air. In the morning, the sun is stretching its last arms to reach the last of the leaves. For those leaves that are still hanging on, there is not quite enough sun and the colour transformation is astonishing! At any given moment during the day, you glimpse patches of vibrant red, orange, yellow and green. Just like the colours of a Thanksgiving dinner, these colors make you feel like you want to get together with people, drink a little and socialize more indoors. So just when you thought the days were getting shorter and lonelier. Mindy is a teacher here at EC Vancouver; she wrote this blog for us. Thanks Mindy!

Why we love Tim Hortons!

First of all, everyone loves Tim Hortons because it is cheap. They promise the products are always fresh! Did you know that Tim Hortons makes their coffee every 20 minutes? One of our favorites are the bagels with cream cheese, they are just delicious and somewhat healthy. We support Tim Hortons almost every day. If we want to hang out we go to Tim Hortons. If you don`t know what to do in your break time, go and try the different coffee. Our most favourite product from Tim Hortons are Timbits. Timbits are little doughnut pieces with different flavours, like: Apple Fitter, Dutchie, Honey Dip (our favourite  ), Old Fashion Plain, Sour Cream Glazed and many more. Enjoy this little snack and share it with your friends. Tim Hortons is a real culture icon in Canada. Conveniently there is a Tim Hortons right across from EC Vancouver! Chiara and Pierina, EC Vancouver interns from Switzerland. Every cup of Tim’s is a work of art!

Meet Perla, our newest Student Ambassador!

Student Ambassador: Perla Marina Jordán Amador Name: Perla Tell us something about you: I like to dance and go out with friends, I like listening to music and I really love to meet new people and friends. Why did you choose to be a SA? I would like to help any students staying in Canada; I’d like learn and improve my English in EC Vancouver while meeting different people. What is your job as a student ambassador? My job is to help any students who have questions. We will organize/ coordinate local excursions and special events for the students. And make sure everyone is speaking English while at school. I’m very glad to have this opportunity and it’s making my experience studying English in Vancouver a better one. In your opinion, what is the best activity so far? Why? Going to the Rocky  Mountains. It’s a beautiful place and you can camp, hike or engage in mountain sports.

Did You Know? Switzerlands 4th Language

Here at EC Vancouver are starting a series of ‘Did You Know’ posts. Here we will post all kinds of generally interesting information about learning English, our staff, Vancouver, and many other topcis. In our first DYK blog post our two interns, Chiara and Pierina, talk about the largely unknown fourth official language of Switzerland. The 4th official language of Switzerland We have 4 languages in Switzerland; German, Italian, French and Romansh. The first three are of course quite popular yet the last is not known very well at all. The language Romansh is similar with Latin languages; it is one of the nine Latin languages. Very few people peak Romansh and because of this the language is slowly dying. Myself and Chiara are 2 of the 10’000 who speak this language. Chiara grew up bilingual as she learned German and Romansh however I grew up with just Romansh, learning German in primary school. We are both glad that we speak this unique language because it is helpful when trying to learn English. We also think it’s cool to speak a language few have heard of, and even fewer know how to speak. If you want to know more about Romansh come and ask us! Though we can’t guarantee it, we are pretty sure we’re the only people who speak Romansh and intern at any Vancouver English School!

Meet Chiara! Our new intern at EC Vancouver

Hi everyone, My name is Chiara. I am going to be interning for 12 weeks at the EC Vancouver front desk. I live in a small town called Ilanz, Switzerland. I graduated from high school in July and decided to take a gap year and come to  this Vancouver English School. After this year I will go back to study at university. I took general English lessons during my first 12 weeks in Vancouver. In this time I met a lot of great people and got to know new things about Canadian and other cultures. I’ve visited many places here in Vancouver but my favourite place is Kitsilano Beach. You can have a beautiful day there, just lying in the sand, enjoying time with your friends and watching the sunset in the evening. Feel free to come to the front desk and ask any questions or to say hello.  

Meet Minseon (Scarlett) Kim, one of our Student Ambassadors:

Students Ambassador: Minseon Kim (Scarlett) Name: Scarlett Tell us something about you: I’m from Korea and I am 21 years old. When I was in Korea, I was a university student majoring in computer engineering. The reason why I study English in EC Vancouver is because it’s for fun. Why did you choose to be a SA? I like hanging out with friends. So I wanted to make a lot of friends. Also being a SA helps me improve my English skills. What is your job as student ambassador? I usually think about the next activity and discuss with other student ambassadors. When I participate in activities, I will take with new students and let them know about life in Vancouver. In your opinion, what is the best activity so far? Why? Absolutely the best activity is going to Lynn Canyon. Over 50 people took part in this activity and in my opinion, it was a successful activity.