Colourful autumn

Who doesn’t like the autumn in Canada? Okay, well maybe some people who haven’t experienced chilly weather before. But even for the skeptics (you know who you are) there is so much to be said in favour of the fall. Just consider the full moon peeking through the foggy night air. In the morning, the sun is stretching its last arms to reach the last of the leaves. For those leaves that are still hanging on, there is not quite enough sun and the colour transformation is astonishing! At any given moment during the day, you glimpse patches of vibrant red, orange, yellow and green. Just like the colours of a Thanksgiving dinner, these colors make you feel like you want to get together with people, drink a little and socialize more indoors. So just when you thought the days were getting shorter and lonelier.
Mindy is a teacher here at EC Vancouver; she wrote this blog for us. Thanks Mindy!