Another former student looks back at his time at EC Vancouver.

Hi everybody ! My name is Gilles and I’m from the french part of Switzerland. I studied for 10 weeks at EC Vancouver from August to October. I’ll never forget my first day at EC. It was the 12th of August; I arrived one time to take the placement test and it was at that time that I met my first frie … Read more

“A Former Student Looks Back at Her Time at EC Vancouver”

Hi everyone I’m Corinne from Switzerland and I’m a student here at EC Vancouver. To get my diploma as a primary teacher I need an advanced Cambridge CAE certificate. This was the reason why I came to Vancouver and spent my whole summer there. If I didn’t need to study English and pass a CAE exam I l … Read more

Meet Marcela our new intern.

Hi everyone! This is Marcela from Santiago, the capital of Chile. I arrived in Vancouver July and I’m leaving next September, 2014. I came here to learn English as much as possible. I practice English both as a student and now as an intern here at EC Vancouver. I like learning how to communicate wit … Read more

EC Students Visit the Vancouver Police Museum

Cambridge exams are coming up next week and to help students relax teacher Jackie decided to visit the Vancouver Police Museum. We arrived and were kindly welcomed by the tour guide. She told us about different weapons that were used by the police throughout time and gave us some general information … Read more

Why EC Students Should Visit Seattle, the Emerald City

City Background Seattle is a seaport city in the state of Washington, U.S. Due to its size and history the city offers a lot of restaurant, stores and attractions. Seattle is the 8th largest port in the United States. How to get to there: It is really east to get to Seattle from Vancouver. On a bus … Read more

Destination Tofino

Why go to Tofino? Tofino is a small fishing and surfing village on the west coast of Vancouver island. It is a very popular tourist spot as it is one of the most beautiful towns in BC with a stunning view of the ocean. How to get to Tofino? First, you need to go to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay in West … Read more


What is Movember? It is a charity for men’s health, to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. Why is it called Movember? It’s a word formed out of Moustache and the month November. ‘Mo’ is also a slang word for moustache. What are the participants going to do during this … Read more